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27th February 2017


The register is made of craft foam glued to black card in a hinge with gold card details and a ribbon threaded through two holes in the spine.

8th February 2017

Final bits

I had some gold chain trim in my stash which is chunkier than jewellery chain, but will show up on camera better. Using pliers I made a loop for the necklace big enough to go over my head and the wig. Another length I attached to small elastic hairbands and clasped into a figure 8 with another chain link to make a glasses chain.

6th February 2017


I'm making Kyoko and Ema (Phoenix Wright) at the same time so they can share the labcoat. This means the super pointy Kyoko collar needs to be removable. I'm just tucking it under the real collar and safety pinning it in place. I don't have any offcuts of the labcoat, so I've used a white suiting that looks similar enough with a stiff interfacing to keep it standing up.

30th January 2017


I already have jade nail varnish and enough pearl drop beads left over from Philia (Tales of Destiny), so I'm painting them up myself and using jewellery pins to make them into pendants.

30th January 2017

Lab Coat

I got this lab coat from Kuma and did some extensive alterations to narrow the shoulders, flare the sleeves and tailor the fit of the body with darts.

20th January 2017

Teachers Assemble

Dez asked for a Rival Schools group and Kyoko jumped out as a fairly simple costume I could guarentee finishing for a deadline. The skirt I already have from Rin (Fruits Basket), the ribbed jumper and heels I found after a few weeks staking out eBay for £15 total and the wig is from Jade (Homestuck) which will need styling to part on the opposite side.

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