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MinamiCon 23


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26th February 2017

Just in time

Finished both uniforms. Kumas was simple enough, mine needed a little extra fitting as they were mens jackets, so I unpicked the sleeves and made the shoulders narrower. Boots we have already and the wig is a darkest blue Prince from Coscraft. I trimmed the front a bit and heated it upside down to get the side parting and some lift in the fringe.

22nd February 2017

Catering to the rescue

Lucked out as the catering industry uses similar outfits that could be picked up for a tenner! Just need to shorten the jackets, rework the collars to be a stand up design and add a chest pocket from the offcuts. For that price I don't mind a bit of extra work.

20th February 2017


Only a few weeks to Minami, but Kuma and I have been watching Silver Spoon and loving it. If we can find green overalls we will be bringing farming to Minami :D

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