Max Rockatansky
Mad Max

Cosplayer: Mr Sue Denim

Variant: The Road Warrior

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

5th June 2017: Finito And with that the costume is done.

5th June 2017: T-shirt A regular black t-shirt from Primark. I faded with bleach and several washes. I trimmed the sleeves and the neckline and then cut in some holes.

5th June 2017: Trousers Got these cheap on eBay and weathered them up with sandpaper and paints.

5th June 2017: Shoulder Pad For the pad, I took a piece of foam and loosely stitched a piece of canvas on top for support and to prevent the pop rivets from tearing through. I stitched a sleeve for it out of spare calico and secured it with screen accurate stitching. I sewed faux leather to the open seam to complete it. I painted it black with watered down acrylic paint. The armour piece was layered sintra that I heat shaped and trimmed. I cleaned up and smoothed the edges with bondo before giving it a coat of primer. I painted it up and attached it to the pad with leather strips and then pop riveted it to my jacket.

5th June 2017: Shotgun I bought a cheap double barrel shotgun toy from Toys'R'Us. It was pretty undersized with the barrel and stock. So I cut the barrel to a sawn off and removed the stock and it ended up being a pretty good size. I still wanted to beef up the receiver and shape the grip. I used cardboard and canvas for bulking out the receiver and shaped the grip with bondo. Bondo on the receiver and a cut piece of plastic helped modernise and cover some of the imperfections even if bondoing straight lines was pretty difficult. I painted it in stages, finishing the grip end first, spraying on primer to see if there were any imperfections to fix. The break mechanism should have been a latch, but that would have been too difficult to change, so I stuck with the regular button on the toy. With the back half done, I worked on the grip. Taking a piece of plastic cut from a Roses lid, I heat shaped the curved grip and bondoed imperfections. I felt the grip looked too thick at this stage especially underneath. I shaved off the bulk of the bottom of the grip and reapplied bondo before moving onto the primer coat. Next came painting. I used a metalcote paint for the gunmetal which gives off a metal finish when polished and the wood grain was painted in layers with a coarse paintbrush, the brushstrokes giving the grain effect, before being hit with a glossy laquer. Thankfully, the break action still works after all that painting.

5th June 2017: Jacket It was tough coming to terms with destroying a perfectly decent jacket but needs must. I lopped off the arm just above the elbow and cut away the unneeded belt and epaulettes. I riveted the sleeve back up on itself as in the movie where he ties off his red rag. I built my own shoulder pad and riveted it to the shoulder and spray painted on some grime.

5th June 2017: Holster I repurposed the sleeve off my leather jacket to make the holster. I trimmed it to shape and placed some rivets to keep the shotgun snug. I cut away the excess sleeve knowing the rivets would hold the leather in place. I also attached a bit of velcro to the top to hold it to the belt, although later expanded on that by stitching a leather loop too hook onto the belt.

5th June 2017: Gloves I cut up a pair of leather gloves, making them into homemade driving gloves like in the film.

5th June 2017: Dog I couldn't go without Dog, but without owning one, I had to resort to getting a plush toy. The only place I could find plush dogs happened to be an Australian company that sold the same Blue Heeler breed that Max owns so that was my option. I painted his fur with watered down acrylic (his fur is a little stiff in places) and gave him a red bandana. The plan is to attach him to a lead strapped to my belt and secure him to my boot.

5th June 2017: Brace Built out of a vintage orthopedic leg brace, aluminium strips, leather belts and a tonne of rivets.

5th June 2017: Boots Boots - Boots were dirtied up and a hole dremeled into the left heel for the leg brace.

5th June 2017: Belt A British soldier's belt, I attached a wrench and in lieu of a multi-tool, a bottle opener.