Kanda Yuu (3rd Uniform) - D.Gray-man




Well, this. . . ain't it just grand. . .
Seriously though, I made this in like, 3 days.
And was prolly finishing it on the eve of the day I was meant to wear it. . .

Then I lent it to a friend, who is male, and has shoulders.
So he had to unpick the back seam to fit into it.
Needless to say, this costume is now defunct. . .


BladeyCakes posted on 26 September, 2009 - 21:38
The wig and make-up look great 8D You make an awesome Kanda! Hope to see you around expo! ^w^ I'm doing Lavi (1st uniform) on the Sunday, and I think my group's joining the big DGM group too 8D

Valentine_x posted on 26 September, 2009 - 21:46
I'll definately come find you 8D I can't wait to see the whole group together ^___^

shirolulu posted on 14 October, 2009 - 16:43
This is so very awesome! Can't wait to see it. I may have to find you =D

Om_nom_nom posted on 14 October, 2009 - 17:18
EPIC WIN! Thats amezing! ai just have to say.....Odd Socks! I laughed whn i seen them xD

BladeyCakes posted on 14 October, 2009 - 17:32
Its looking great so far 8D Cant wait to see it at expo!