Harley Quinn (Own Personal Design) - Batman

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EM-Con 2016


(Em-Con 2017)

This is my own version of Harley Quinn, including a hammer and gun.

I created red and black shorts, with a red and black bra with black diamonds on the red side. I also cut and altered a white shirt, and will be wearing my Doc Martins with some fishnet tights.

I created a hammer out of a cola bottle (2 Litre) by cutting it in half, taking off the bottle lid and the bottom, then using masking tape to stick them together. I then covered the bottle with paper mache, a few layers, then painted it a dark brown. I then painted three red diamonds on one side of the hammer, then wrote 'Your Face Here!' on the other side then wrapped two thick strips of faux leather around. I poked two holes through the middle, then wrapped a plastic pipe with the faux leather and hot glued it to the pipe then hot glued it to the hammer to secure it. For the handle, I got some thick foam pieces and used electrical tape to secure it for a soft hold.

I created the shorts by using some red trousers and some black shorts, cutting them at the seam, then sewing them together. I swapped the pockets around so the black pocket is on the red side, and vice versa.

For the wig, I bought a long blonde wig from Ebay and split it in the middle for pigtails with a large section at the top to cover the wefts seen. I also created my own wefts from spare hair that had been cut off. To dye the pigtails, I used cream facepaint and rubbed it into the hair, then used baby powder and a hair dryer to dry it into the wig and used a comb to brush it through.

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