Ellie - Last of Us


Amecon 2016


Updated her costume for 2016 - complete with brick!

Amy-Lou posted on 2 August, 2018 - 17:47
Great Ellie, such attention to grubby detail! This was a really fun photo shoot <3

21st July 2016

Tshirt weathering

Ellie's top, before and after! What I did: Bleach via spray bottle for uneven finish (more at bottom, etc to match her ref). Sandpaper, trample on it, basically punch/rub it a lot. Silk paints in brown/black sprayed all over to give a full mottled dull effect. Acrylic brown/black in splodges to give the appearance of mud. All in all, solid good fun of an evening! Though I swear I got more paint on my hands/clothes than the tshirt... Hopefully this will show up well in photos! Definitely didn't look dirty enough last time for her concept outfit.

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