Kaidan Alenko (Casual) - Mass Effect Series


So the costume consists of:

A grey cheap and cheerful primark t-shirt/tank (weather dependent)
One pair of well worn boots (in this case the same make and model of my old boots from the merchant navy) Four months were spent wearing these at work just to wear them in.
Bioware's official Alenko Spectre hoodie (because I can't sew that well!..and I kinda bought it before the cosplay idea came to mind.)
One pair of midnight urban camo trousers with a hacked up/modified pair of my old No.8s shorts (from my navy days) over the top.
One black military webbing belt
A pair of custom made dog tags.
One natural black wig, style Rocky from Arda Wigs
One custom painted nerf gun (I bought it, as I lacked the time to mod my own)

The trim was made from several meters of turquoise blue braid, navy blue bias binding, white fabric paint, along with webbing straps and buckles re-purposed from my old kit bag, eyelet rivets and a lot of snap fastenings.

My sewing is awful so the hardest part of this for me was cutting and sewing together the navy blue overlay. I can sew embellishments no problem, but unless it's a torn sail cloth I can't stitch a seam or hem to save my life. A lot of anti fray glue got used in the process of making in. However saying that, I've learned a lot and I am determined to learn how to use a sewing machine. It would make thinks infinitely quicker. The other part I found hard was the wig. Because of the heat and humidity the products I was using to keep the hair in place melted and the white hair mascara I used to give the wig grey hairs subsequently ran when the hair products melted away.

I think the easiest part of it was sourcing the bits I didn't need to make myself. When I bought the boots I spent days walking down memory lane reminiscing about the good times I had while out at sea. I had a crappy time out there for the most part but it's the fondest memories that still remain. Those folk that know me well also know I am a massive Alenko fanboy so I positively squealed with delight when I got the hoodie, followed by much complaining at Yodel for leaving the parcel in a waterlogged flowerpot. Next squeal inducing moment was when I got the dog tags. While Alenko is never shown in game wearing them all alliance personnel would have them so I had to make a set up for myself just as a little extra.

What have I found disappointing? I've actually gotten grief from some Mass Effect fans for cosplaying Alenko. The ME fan community is very much either pro Kaidan Alenko or Pro Ashley Williams. It's the pro Ashley group that give me grief and it's truly stupid, really truly stupid. Everyone had there own reasons for making the choices they did in game, it's just sad and hurtful when that is used to belittle a person who made a different choice. That being said I'm not letting it get to me, I've been through worse crap in my life.

This is also the first cosplay I have put together that doesn't utilize any traditional Japanese clothing. Not just a step, but a positively giant leap away from my comfort zone.

Worn At:
May MCM London 2017
Nine Worlds Geekfest 2017
Kitacon Quest 2017

P.S. Nazo if you are reading this, this is all your fault! No regrets though!

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