Cinderella - Disney Cinderella Live action


Home made by my mum & I. There are twon main petticoats, base petticoat is made from White polyester organza, second overlayer petticoat made from polyester chiffon in colour Lilac. Both petticoats have many layers of frills, frills a re made from polyester and silk organza in various colours of Turquoise, Pale Blues, Lilacs and some Purple, plus the iridescent organza fabric that has a rainbow of colours to it. The base petticoat has triangle gores sewn on a quarter way and half way up like the orginal to save bulk at the waist, these also have frills attached.
The it has another petticoat with 3 flat full circle skirt layers to it, one pale Blue organza one White organza and the outer in iridescetn organza. The the main outer skirt consists of two layers of silk gauze 3mm thickness, one layer dyed turquoise the outer in Pale Bue. Over 37000 Swarovski crystals in colour clear have been applied.

The bodice is Blue cotton with boned liner, and overlayed in cyrstal organza fabric, back closure is hooks and hand made bars using blanket stitch.
Bertha made from Pale Blue organza wiht my own hand made butterfly's.

Shoes I hand covered in Swarovski cyrstals colour AB, and butterfly's were taken from childrens Disney store shoes. Wig by Lisa fabio in the usa from her etys shop.

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