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I finally surrendered myself into the fandom.

If you know me you know it will happen. Might jazz the pink and red with rhinestones (I know the Agape costume has rhinestones in canon but I prefer this costume and I think im less likely to cock this one up too :'D).

After a hiatus and checking the costume for damage from being hung in my sewing room on a hanger for some time I'm gonna try to push myself to get this done for this summer. Got more time to perfect the applique ^_^

LittleCosplayer posted on 23 May, 2020 - 21:28

6th October 2017


I have ran into an amazing tutorial that had shown me how to add highlights to a wig using eyeshadow. My Yuri wig is lovely, but the colour is a but flat so I took advantage. Its looking beautiful so far :)

2nd October 2017


Due to some personal reasons I had to hold back Yuri a little until my health improves. The applique is going fine. A bit tedious as its one large continuous piece and got some left to do but ill get there. I have been testing out some glues for the rhinestones. Yuuup I can not allow anyone to take the rhinestone queen title from me :p

10th July 2017


After literal months of procrastination the design of the applique is finalised, Just need to transfer it onto some Metallic Spandex :)

18th April 2017


Gotta neaten the sleeves and add a hidden zipper on the neckline/arm. Brought more hackles for added volume on the neckline. Please look at the details on my facebook page :) https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=732193320291156&substory_index=0&id=280748965435596

3rd April 2017


A lot of procrastinating has happened in the past few weeks due to gaming marathons and having more hours at work but I have had some free time this afternoon and used this time to select how I would like to do the neckline. Some people use faux fur, some use feathers, and I have seen some simply use the fabric used for the applique. I decided to go for the more dramatic look with the fethers. I wasn't sure whether I wanted pink to match the applique or go for more depth and have a rose pink/red mix. I brought a hackle each for these and once they arrive I can decide which looks better. I have also ordered some black boots to go with this. Nice blocky heels so they can be worn for everyday life too. During my procrastination I did manage to make the sleeves. I'll try to attach them onto the rest of the suit sometime this week and fingers crossed the applique will be started by next week. Oh, and got some wefts too for the braids. I have some wig clips lying around so they can be removable for other projects.

10th March 2017


Alot of trial and error went into this so far. It looks like a dress right now to make the applique from hell easier. Im trying to work our where to put the zipper. The official notes says "hidden in the hidden neckline' so gonna work from there I think. The mesh on the back is topped on flesh coloured Spandex for modestly to keep my underwear hidden.

9th March 2017

Paint stress

Most of the materials are here. I have done some tests on some small samples for the pink spandex using Dylon and Acrylics. Due to the nature of the surface of the fabric no matter what I do it seems to streak. I have looked at other cosplayers and it seems even without the gradients it can still look gorgeous but I dont wanna give up on it yet :) The wig is mostly styled. They didnt have any extensions left in the colour I need so I can just worry about the rest of it next month :)

1st March 2017

Strength means nothing without beauty

Wig and most the fabrics already brought except the faux fur. Gonna focus on the base suit and the applique/mesh this month ^^ Think I am gonna cry with how much I spent on Yuri in one sitting :'D

8th February 2017

Semi-pre planning

I am too excited to wait to finish my other stuff off so I can do this alongside Terra. I have 2 conventions this summer so I can move some plans to July. I feel that I am in the skill set where I can make this comfortably (bodysuits are definatly my thing these days, even my recent weight gain doesnt stop me from doing this). The best thing would be to start by making a standard black zentai suit. What would make this tricky is that I may be using 3 different kinds of stretch fabrics, black spandex, some metallic magenta stretch found in a market near where I work (doesn't seem to have as much stretch as Id expect but it would work fine) and some costume mesh. I am gonna have to look into the best way to how to paint the gradients. Looking at this I had to watch his routine and AMVs multiple times to figure out the flame formation. What make this part tricky is simply that no matter how often I look into it it looks seamless and I can imagine that ANY seams would make it look tacky and a mess. Because I have stubbornness issues and lack patience with math stuff I might start by making a pink tube dress and mark the best places to cut and also I can do all the gradients all lined up and pretty. Can make a cushion or some craft stuff with the leftovers. The only things I plan to be are the shoes and the jacket. The jackets are cheap on ebay anyway and wont be worn in competitions. Might give me an excuse to do that casual verson as I can carry it in a bag so can changed when it gets hot and uncomfortable. The wig will take a bit of brain power. I have no experience with Lace front wigs at all and I have no intention in dying my hair just for 1 day. I am thinking of using the hair from the flashbacks at the moment (plus the back of my neck gets prone to some very nasty rashes in the summer months so the coverage would help me a lot)

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