Leo de la Iglesia (Training) - Yuri on Ice!!!




(I want to make his SP outfit at some point, but testing him out in casual version first to go with Pandora-Chi's Gaung)

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28th January 2017

Wig wip

About the only thing I'm really making effort with for this costume is the wig - the jacket and t shirt were bought and I'll probably reuse my skating trousers from Victor for this. I used a base Lily wig from Coscraft (which ironically I had bought for Jaehee from Mystic Messenger but Leo was more pressing) and cut and styled it into shape. The bangs were the hardest part and involved a lot of careful use of spray and the hairdryer to style into shape - god bless Arda tutorials as their tutorial for the Aerith wig fringe was super useful here! I'll be buying a lacefront for his skating outfit as his hair is very pulled back.

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