Harley Quinn (Gender Bend) - Suicide Squad


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14th March 2017

Harley Shirt Progress 3

Here I cut holes into the shirt in the places she has the slits, these cuts can easily be seen on references, but if anyone wants a plan done, I can do that on request. Then I sewed a few shut where she has done so with white thread, to give that punched up hand sewing style she has on her shirt. The main cut being the large cut at the top of the shirt to seperate the shoulders.

13th March 2017

Harley Shirt Progress 2

So now you make mix up your dyes as instructed on the packet. I used these two - http://www.dylon.co.uk/products/dyes/fabric-dye-for-hand-use/dylon-ocean-blue/#.WPkSvKK1sb4 http://www.dylon.co.uk/products/dyes/fabric-dye-for-hand-use/dylon-bahama-blue/#.WPkSwaK1sb4 Aply a little of the full strengh dye slowly while pulling the wet sleave out of the bath, this will give you a slowly darker gradient. This first dye should be mostly on the bottom to add depth to the colour, then the second dye is a repeat of the actions for before, just with more dye higher up. This adds the brightness of the sleave! Messier the better.

12th March 2017

Harley Shirt Progress 1

Take a normal white baseball shirt, cut off the bottom edge so it falls just over your navel. Then cut the collar off the shirt and the sleaves to about 2 inches below your elbow. Then hem all of these but on the collar, cut the edges of the hem for a frayed effect without the actual shirt falling apart.

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