Ahiru version 1 (Princess Tutu) - Princess Tutu




D: I loved this costume so much at the time and now I look back and criiiinge...Princess Tutu is my favourite anime and Ahiru is soooo onsanely cute so she has to be cosplayed as many times as possible!! I really want to remake this costume one day when I'm actually dancing en pointe in ballet (not long now :D).

The tutu and pointe shoes were bought and I already had the dance tights from ballet.

The leotard is made with the reverse side of white lycra so it's not as shiny. I wasn't sure how to make it stay up so I just used clear bra straps (which decided to snap just before I wore it -_-). The wings were a wire frame with yellow tights stretched over them and help with with invisible thread.

The wig was my first challenge and I think it shows XD It's a white wig from Cosworx I dyed (very badly) with Katie Bair's wig dye (in watermelon, I think). The colour wasn't quite what I was expecting, though. The crown is foam and the feathery bit is just white fur because I was lazy. I didn't have the sticky-up bit of hair she has because I ran out of time.

And all the jewellery was made out of fimo clay. I loved my necklace but it broke ;_;


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