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I wasn't happy with the end result of the older Yona costume AND as I've decided to go with her default look for the Minami group now, rather than an artwork variant, I figured this was a good chance to make it myself from scratch using nicer fabrics and making a cape (and bow if I have time).

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Waist sash
Over top
Arrow and Holder

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18th December 2017


I recently remade the undergown with a different much floatier fabric for the rewear at Hibanacon! It worked much better and looked more the part. For the shoot, I also borrowed the cape from my Shin-Ah as I didn't get time to make my own yet (and it was really freaking cold.)

28th December 2016

Finishing up

Fitted zip into undergown today and sewed the decorative trim onto the collar. The sash was also made following an obi pattern so it's a bit wider in design than the Yona outfit looks in the manga. Just need to make the tie which will fasten in a bow at the front and then its done pretty much! I doubt I'll get time to make the cape and bow for Minami but its no biggie as I'll do them for the next time I wear her. I'm honestly kinda annoyed by how much I've messed up with making this - the undergown is too short as I fitted it wrong and had to adjust while sewing, thereby sacrificing some of the length. I don't have enough fabric or time to remake it though but might do in the future.

21st December 2016


So I've been working on Yona in my weekends and she's coming along well! The undergown is basically done now, bar a zip being fitted into the side. I made so many bad sizing mistakes with this, it's ridiculous but thankfully all the messy parts will be hidden by the over top so I'm not too worried. I kinda wished I'd picked a more floaty fabric for it now too as I'm not sure I like the stiffness this one gives but on a plus, it's more winter-worthy and isn't see through like the last one was! The over top came along quite well thankfully - I really love the brocade fabric. The collar was more a case of trial and error then anything else but it came out okay - I'll be adding some decorative trim to it to make it match more the intricacy of the manga variant. Just the sash left to do after that which should be okay! (I'm not sure if I'll get time to make the bow and cape for Minamicon but it's no big deal if I don't as I'll aim for that for a rewear!)

26th November 2016

It begins...

Due to trying to focus on a more intricate new costume for Minamicon now, I'm trying to rush through my other ones quickly, Yona being the first one! I managed to get all the fabric for her during the week thankfull - some gorgeous brocade style fabric for her tunic and some fancy off white and black for the undergown and sash. I also found a really nice black trim with gold detailing which will do for the collar design. It's not exact but embroidering the accurate pattern will take too long and tbh, I'd rather go for the easier option which is gauranteed to look pretty. Cut out the fabric for the tunic and undergown today and pinned into shape ready for sewing. The tunic shoulders are a little wonky currently so I'll have to mess around with that more until I'm happy - really not used to the style of having the overlarge shoulders going straight into a little sleeve rather than set in sleeve. The undergown was supposed to be the simple part but I messed up a little when sizing and made it way too big - thankfully I'd also made it too long so I was able to redraw out the correct size and cut it out again! I'd love to have got it all sewn this weekend bar the sash, collar and detailing but illness has typically struck so I'll just do what I can now. I'd love to at least get the undergown sewn together.

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