Flynn Rider - Tangled



Worn Ellesmere Port Comicon 2016, Wales Comic Con Part 2

At first, as you can see from the first picture, the vest was too dark. So I designed a covering for it out of fabric and sewed it on. In hindsight there are so many more easier ways of doing the vest. But shh.

•made the vest. (A blue gilet, Covered in fabric and stitched on sewing machine)
•All buckles, studs and Belt hooks are sewn onto the vest
• bought underclothes, ( trousers shirt)
• Bought boots,
•Boot coverings are made from leather and some old boot decorations
•Belts are bought, but are over sized.
•Satchel is a ladies handbag, decorated to make the patches and fastenings
•Transfer Wanted poster to fabric (ease of transport)
•This is attached to my back (as if a wanted poster has been put on me).
•put PASCAL on my shoulder. He was supposed to be Velcrod. But he was too heavy so he is pinned..
•Frying pan is a very thin aluminium cheap pan. This is allowed into most cons. Hallelujah.

•A tiara to put in my satchel. To make it look "stolen". Kids can wear it when they're taking the photo
•I want that jumping spider mechanism to stick under Pascal to make it look like he's licking me...

Children LOVE this costume, especially if they like Tangled. So I'm like a Disneyland character all day haha. One child has said tonne "I didnt know you were going to be here! You weren't on the leaflet!" Which I thought was super sweet. A group of little boys all about four were starsruck and got really excited when I walked away. Because of the wanted poster shouting "We should go and tell him!!". I'd say kids give the best compliments, but a man was near gushing over the cosplay giving me so many compliments. So hurray all round

Knightsly posted on 25 October, 2016 - 21:40
awesome job looks good

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