Final Fantasy XIII

Cosplayer: Triforceofdragons

Status: Planned

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

23rd November 2019: Blazefire Saber: Prologue Yesterday, I decided to start work on what is absolutely going to be the hardest part of this costume - Lightning's Blazefire Saber. Like all weapons in FF, it's big and complex. As I have zero artistic talent, and am very new to weapon-making, I found a detailed plan for the weapon on Etsy. I sized this to scale and printed it out - it's around 120cm in total. To get my head around the different pieces and layers of the blade, I then coloured in each individual section I could see. My plan now is to print out an A4 size version of the blade and look at various references to see which parts are the same section, are raised/flat, and what colours each part are and use this as a go-to guide when making the blade. And then... construction!

15th November 2019: Blinded By Light: Contacts The contacts I ordered finally came today! Although I have blue eyes, Lightning's are definitely more grey and I wanted to be as accurate as possible - I also need contacts anyway, and prefer coloured ones as it's easier for my terrible eyesight to see when removing them lol. I went with the EOS DollyEye Grey contacts, which proved tricky to hunt down as they seem to be being discontinued or rebranded. It was also really hard to get some not only in my prescription, but also in a mixed prescription that wouldn't charge you extra. I found these at an Australian based store online, slightly cheaper than they would have cost at Pinky Paradise or Uniqso. Next on the list - the blade.

6th November 2019: Face It Later: Makeup I already had a lot of makeup suitable for Lightning, but my order came this morning for the bits I didn't have - Lightning's makeup is very simple and basic, but the key will be changing the look of my face to suit her more triangular and flawless one! I will be following Alyson Tabbitha's tutorial closely, but using makeup available in the UK to save on cost. The makeup I will be using is: a number of shades from the Jeffree Star 'Blue Blood' palette; the Sedona Lace Contour & Highlight palette; Eylure natural lashes No.003; Collection's Shimmer Shade's blush palette in 'Blushalicious'; Natural Collection clear nail polish; Stila eyeliner pen in 'Intense Black'; Sleek lipliner in 'Friend Zone'; Natural Collection eyeliner in 'Soft Brown' and 'Brown'; Covergirl lip stain 445; Revolution concealer; NYX lipliner in 'Mauve'; e.l.f Flawless Eyeshadow palette in 'Beautiful Browns'; L'Oreal Paris Miss Manga Mega Volume mascara; Revlon foundation, and Natural Collection lip gloss in 'Antique Rose'. Once the wig is styled, I'll do a whole makeup test to see how it looks <3

29th October 2019: Planning & Research MCM London is barely over and I have already begun planning my next cosplay for May 2020 (to be fair, it's a Final Fantasy character, I'm gonna need all the time I can get lol). Before starting work on Lightning properly, I wanted to replay the game, paying close attention to her outfit as I go. Already, barely over an hour in to gameplay, I noticed that when her Gunblade is in sword form, her Gunblade sheath/holster disappears. I'm not sure just yet if I want to include that, especially if it isn't necessary, but I'm glad to know that it's no big deal if I end up not making it.