Anastasia Romanov

Cosplayer: Luminescence

Variant: Imperial Gown

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

6th October 2016: 06/10/16 The top layer of the bodice has now been assembled, as have the boning and lining layers. I made the latter two out of some white dress lining I had in my fabric stash, and I've sewn the boning channels in, ready to have the actual boning added.

I've also made a little more progress on the kokoshnik, but I'm nowhere near done yet.

22nd September 2016: 22/09/16 I'd like to be able to document this cosplay seeing as I don't really do it that often, so here's my first journal. I've already made a mock-up of the bodice (out of the cupcake print fabric that you can see in the photos), and I've cut the lining and partially sewn that together. I have also started the kokoshnik (the crown) by cutting craft foam to a size I was happy with, gluing it to a headband and painting it silver. I am currently in the process of gluing individual rhinestones to it - it's a bit of a tedious process but I'm hoping it will pay off.

What you can see in the photo is the front of my bodice's outer layer. It's duchess satin with an overlay of fairy organza in an ivory colour. When I attach it to the rest of the bodice I think I'll have to sew the curvy seams by hand, but fortunately TheStarlightFairy offered a helpful tip to stop the seams from busting. I'm hoping it turns out well!

rosieroo avatar

rosieroo - 7th October 2016
Oooh this is gunna be pretty