Dust: An Elysian Tail

Cosplayer: Lady Bahamut

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

2nd October 2018: Blade of Ahrah: part 15 I made a start on the pommel awhile back, but haven't done anymore since ^^; I cut out several layers of EVA foam and stuck them together. I then smoothed it out with a dremel, but stopped there. I find sanding with a dremel really hard =/ I think I just need more practice with it as it tends to go out of control and takes off alot more than I want :c

I really need to do more detailing and I keep meaning to try foam clay and see if that'll work ahaha c: Plus I need to get some sort of template for the gem that'll be in the mouth!

26th August 2018: Blade of Ahrah: part 14 I've made my own resin gems for the first time! :D The first batch came out orange (oops) but now I've got some lovely red ones as planned :3 I sanded them smooth (as my moulds weren't perfect haha) and glossed them with nail varnish! I'll probably paint the back red just to bring out the colour a little more

9th July 2018: Blade of Ahrah: part 13 I've made (one side) of the vein-like details! I decided to make them from worbla and I think it's looking really nice! I just rolled thin sausages of worbla, then peaked/beveled the middle :3 There's a place holder gem there for now untill I make the resin ones :)

I burned my fingers so many times D:

23rd June 2018: Blade of Ahrah: part 12 Finally, I sanded the hilt! This took longer because I had to add wood glue onto it to protect the raised foam layer. The gesso would crack if you so much as nudged it otherwise =/

23rd June 2018: Blade of Ahrah: part 11 Before I sanded the hilt, I made the little lid that hides the power bank etc. I used 4 rare earth magnets and just made sure everything aligned nicely!

23rd June 2018: Blade of Ahrah: part 10 Annnnnd then I gesso-ed the whole blade! Took AGES. My process went like this: 2 layers, sand. 2 layers, sand. 3 thick layers, sand. Then fill in any dents/dips/holes/anything that wasn't flat with more gesso and sand SOME MOAR.

Eventually, you get a super sexy looking sword~

6th May 2018: Blade of Ahrah: part 9 Once I was happy with the fast mache, I took the frog tape I'd put on the runes off (to protect them from everything I was doing) and used gesso to make them pretty!

6th May 2018: Blade of Ahrah: part 8 After the paper mache I added on fast mache (which is powdered paper, so its like a paste when you add water to it) so that everything was leveled out (especially since the foam that I cut the runes out of was slightly elevated). I put some on, sanded it down as smooth as I could get it, then added more on where there were holes/gaps/dents and sanded again. I did this 3 or 4 times? It takes forever I can tell you!

6th May 2018: Blade of Ahrah: part 7 Then I began the long, LONG, LOOOOOONG process of finishing Ahrah :| I first glued the acrylic and foam in place and added 2 layers of paper mache

5th May 2018: Blade of Ahrah: part 6 As for what goes ontop of the LEDs, I cut out light blue acrylic and craft foam with the runes cut out. I also put a couple of pieces of grease-proof paper and 5 pieces of thin packing foam under the acrylic to diffuse the LED lights.

5th May 2018: Blade of Ahrah: part 5 So originally I was going to put LEDs in that were just "on", but when I realised that I was never going to get this cosplay done for when I wanted it, I decided to be fancy and put programmable LEDs in using an Adafruit Trinket pro.

Let's just say what followed was not a fun time for me :| I had awful trouble soldering the wires, then programming the trinket (I had ALOT of help with that) and then an almighty amount of issues with the power bank not being able to power the whole thing properly.

Honestly, it's still not 100%, but I had to move on otherwise I'd never get anything else done D:

5th May 2018: Blade of Ahrah: part 4 Okay, so since I was putting lights (!!!) in Ahrah, I needed to cut out a section for them to sit in. I cut down through 2 layers of the foam board on either side so that the LEDs would be stuck to the middle layer. It would all be on circuit, so I made a small hole through the middle layer so the wires could reach the LEDs on the other side. The power bank sits in the hilt which I'd made a gap for. It JUST about fitted in!! 8D

4th May 2018: Blade of Ahrah: part 3 Once everything was all glued together, I drew out where I wanted the "blade" sections to start and carved the foam board with a big ol'knife. A process I rather enjoyed! I also drew where the runes would be.

4th May 2018: Blade of Ahrah: part 2 I then cut the whole thing out of foam board (5 layers total. I thought that was tick enough!) and made room for a wooden dowel down the middle. This will form the handle and the pommel. It was hot glued in :) Each foam board layer was stuck together with wood glue

4th May 2018: Blade of Ahrah: part 1 I realise I've been rather neglecting this of late, so I'll try and fix that from now on :) Lets start off with The Blade of Ahrah. I started off by copying the design on Adobe Illutrator (had to splice several references together and completely made up the pommel as there were no good screen caps of it) and making it the size I wanted and printed it all out!

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Origin - 10th April 2017
Aaaaah! Another Dust cosplay! I would love to wear mine again, albeit with a much better head kinda like the one you're doing. But, alas, I'm not that good at making fursuit heads (yet!). Gotta do some learnin'!

And yes. The Blade of Ahrah IS going to be the toughest part, especially if you're planning on fitting LEDs inside to have the runes light up (I was trying in vain to figure all that out right up until the day before I travelled down to MCM London and had to go without).

Another tricky part is getting his hat (it's a Korean satgat, apparently; which makes sense as the Korean characters for "Dust" are part of the game's logo) the right size. At the time, I couldn't find a convenient auto-calculator, so I had to find instructions and do it manually. Which was fun!

But here, just in case you've not got onto the hat yet! http://www.had2know.com/academics/cone-construction-calculator.html
R = The desired radius of the final hat.
L = The desired height of the final hat.

Entering those will give you...
L = The radius of the circular piece of material you'll start out with.
θ (theta) = How many degress will be left over once you cut the chunk out of the circle to fold it into a conical shape.

So, for example, if you wanted a hat 21 inches in diameter and 10 inches high, which I think were the measurements I used for mine, you'd need a circle of material 30.46 inches in diameter, then measure/mark an 88.34 degree angle on said circle and cut it out. Though this WILL result in a pretty big hat. Then again, the head I managed to make was also pretty big, so it sort of evened out.

Anyway, thought I'd throw some personal experience into this comment, just in case! Sorry it got long-winded and full of numbers! The cosplay's looking awesome so far! :D

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Lady Bahamut - 10th April 2017
Oh geez! Thank you very much! :D That calculator will be very helpful! I was just going to cut out a big circle and then keep cutting away segments untill it was how I liked it lmaooo 8D

I'm living off fursuit tutorials for the head! They're so difficult to get looking right! =/ I'm pretty much living off this one https://www.flickr.com/photos/caninehybrid/sets/72157622034337462/ as it literally shows everything step-by-step and I do need my hand held during this! ^^;

I'm no longer planning LEDs in Ahrah as I don't have time and it's beyond me right now XD I am howeveer, going to use glow in the dark paint ;)

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Origin - 11th April 2017
I think I'll be bookmarking that tutorial myself. Getting inspired to make a new Dust head/hat combo and break out my own Dust cosplay again 'cause of this. So we helped each other out! Awesome. :)

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JustJerry - 6th July 2018
Wow! You put so much love and care into making your props :) nice work