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Because I'm in B-Pro hell along with Pandora-Chi. Ryuji is my bae and though I do have some fabric to start his Kitakore outfit we decided on THRIVE first but also wanted something casual and comfy to wear in the evening and then SURPRISE winter season happened in the anime. His outfit is so cute and bonus is that I would use every part of it in daily wear again.
Good tester outfit for Ryuji too.

EDIT 05/11 No time before the con to make this 100% accurate but I'll do the tiny bits at a later point - it's literally just doing the rabbit motif on the letterman jacket and making the decorative chain he wears so nothing major.

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Grey over sweater
Black long sleeved undertop
Star key chain
Letterman jacket with bunny motif
3/4 baggy jeans

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