Sam Winchester (Genderbent) - Supernatural


Classic Sam(antha) Winchester costume.

I have 2 different jackets to wear for this one. One is like a puffy winter version of his S1 Carhartt coat, and the other is a more feminine-cut brown corduroy jacket which I also use for my Bones' Doctor Brennan cosplay.

The shirt I wear is a plaid, royal/navy blue number. Just like the one he wore in 'Swan Song'. I bought it from Sainsburys for about 10 or 20 pounds a long time ago.

I wear classic blue skinny jeans, and don't include these in the price because they are a staple in almost everyone's wardrobe. Although I already owned the blue shirt, I included that in the price as most people don't happen to own that exact, very appropriate shirt.

I usually wear a pair of my black Doc Martens, which isn't exactly correct but close enough, and not in the line-of-your-eye enough for anyone to really notice. The ones I wear are my pair which don't have the yellow stitching, which makes them look a little more like something Sam would actually wear anyway.

I usually carry a pistol around with me which I bought from Poundland in a kid's policeman playset but it was bright blue so I had to paint, seal and age it as well as apply some leather effect to the grip area to make it seem a little more true to life.

I also sewed a hex-bag for this costume. Which I would only really crack out for photos or whatever. I embroidered a vegvisir on the base of, as I know Sam is a bit of a buff when it comes to symbology and stuff :)

I drew the tattoo on using a variety of eyeliners and face-makeup. I sealed the whole thing with benefit's She-Laq because I have it laying around.

I also have a John Winchester's Journal, but again, this is only something for photos or showing my fellow cosplayers or whatever.

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