Ghostbusters 2016

Cosplayer: Shinigami_ky

Variant: First outfit

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

13th August 2016: Wigs and paint splatter So my second lot of dye finally arrived and dye mark two happened, it...didn't go much better than the first one to be honest. I think it darkened the colour slightly which is good, and there's some bits that weren't dyed before that are now I think? But there's still bits that are undyed, only I'm not sure trying again would yield any better results, and the dye was getting expensive, so I decided to leave it as-is.
Looking back on it i think the colour I wanted was more of a heather than a lavender, but I'm okay with it for now. maybe if I do this same costume again in the future I'll try again with a slightly different tone, but honestly I think I've got three other Holtz costumes to work on so it'll probably be a while.

I did the paint splatters today and they were SO much fun to do, I bought a couple of tubes of acrylic paint for like 99p each at home bargains and basically just splattered it on straight from the tube. I put on a little more yellow than she actually has but I'm still really happy with how it turned out.

To finish off the dungarees I also bought some metal dungaree fastenings and put them on instead of the plastic ones they originally came with, as hers are metal fastenings.

So the dungarees are basically done and I'm really happy with how they turned out.

The wig also arrived yesterday and I tried it on this morning, the lace is a little dark but I am SO happy with this wig. It's the most expensive one I've ever bought but it's so worth it (especially if I'm going to do multiple Holtz costumes), it feels really nice, almost real (it's a human hair blend so it should ha) and it looks just beautiful. I'm still debating whether to pre-style it or whether to just do it on the day, because it should be easy enough to clip into place, the parting is already where I need it to be and it's easier to transport if it's not pre-styled, so I may just leave it as is and style it when I need it.

Things I'm still waiting for
- replacement yellow lenses for the glasses
- goggles
- boots
- chain for pendant

Things I still need to buy
- crop top
- pringles

Things I still need to do
- tint goggle lenses
- swap lenses in glasses
- possibly weather lab coat

11th August 2016: Adventures in dying. So the white dungarees that I got went into the washing machine with the fabric dye and came out... not quite what I was hoping for. I've ordered more dye (two packs this time) to try again and I'm hoping it will work out better, if it comes out a little uneven I don't mind too much because the paint splattering will cover it up.

I'm also wanting to fade/weather the lab coat now that it's arrived, but I'm not sure how best to go about it.

also my pendant arrived and I'm super happy with it!

2nd August 2016: Progress I am really excited about this cosplay, like crazy. I've just bought 90% of the things I need for it, and it feels sort of nice to know that means it's mostly done because there's very little actual work for this.
The majority of work for Holtzmann is going to be building my proton pack when I get to that point.

So, everything that has been done so far.

- Bought the glasses (I bought a pair with the wrong colour lenses, I'm hoping to be able to pop them out and replace them with a pair of yellow ones. They're not the most accurate copies I have found, but all the most accurate ones are WELL out of my price range, so I will make do for now)
- bought the dungarees (painters dungarees in white)
- bought lavender dye
- bought the wig
- bought the lab coat
- bought the gloves
- bought the pendant (3d printed in metal from shapeways, my friend designed it for me)
- bought the chain
- bought the boots
- bought the goggles (again wrong lens colour, but they were otherwise perfect and very cheap, and the lenses are clear so easy to tint)
- bought the eye loupes
- bought glass paint
- bought the watch (to my eternal sadness I found the EXACT CORRECT WATCH but it's sold out EVERYWHERE. I'm quite happy with the alternative I found though, it's a fairly close match)

What I still need to do;

- dye and paint-splatter the dungarees
- buy socks
- buy crop top (well, regular top and cut it)
- tint goggle lenses
- style wig

I may also weather the lab coat and I want to wear the boots in if I have enough time after they arrive.

I'm really excited. So Excited.