Alice (Alice a bit older- and after a few cakes!) - American McGee's Alice (pc game)





I had this made by a talented dress maker, Brenda. She made the dress and apron as seperates- now I can use the dress without the apron as an anime nurse- with my pink wig!
she also did these 'made to measure', she made me an under skirt- petticoat- to make the dress stand out (picture shown without me wearing that). She drew the symbols with a fabric pen, that says it won't run in the wash. She put a trim at the bottom of the dress- to make it look like the petticoat is pokeing out. The pockets on the apron are usable. It is a great fit, and it feels and looks excellent. I had the length made shorter too, as my legs are not slim- the real length this should be- would have made my legs look worse, and me look shorter- and i'm short at it is!
I had this made for a 'horror' themed party.


FlyingMammal posted on 5 June, 2009 - 18:13
I love it!!!! You look great!