D'va (B'va Skin) - Overwatch

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12th July 2016

Tiara and make-up/hair test

Tiara was created from worbla. Painted with yellow and gloss paint. Hair is a bit too short for the volume I want, but hopefully by the time I debut this costume it will be a good length!

12th July 2016

LED test

Strips of blue LEDs were added to the inside of the boot. Soldered onto a battery holder. Wires need to be tidied.

12th July 2016

Getting there

Transparent blue acrylic sheet and bonding/insulation sheets were glued on the inside of the boot. Insulation sheet is used to diffuse the LED lights.

12th July 2016

Primed and painted

Painted over the boots with a few layers of gesso primer. Then painted black.

12th July 2016

Work begins on the boots

Using a method learned from Kamui Cosplay, I wrapped my legs in cling film and masking tape. Then drew the design on. Cut out from worbla.

12th July 2016

Fabrics and references

Gathered some fabrics and references. Created a honeycomb pattern on Spoonflower and got sent a sample!

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