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MCM London Comic Con October 2016

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I'm super excited to present this costume! Because I didn't have long enough hair (although I did my best to grow it) for the Poldark costume I had planned for a Local Con (Frome Comic Con) in two weeks time, I had to bring forward Audrey I I and Seymlur Krelborn. Less than two weeks to a con and not have a costume is like major panic for me. I'm an offer. But it's FINALLY done and I'm super duper proud.

I chose to do this costume because I LOVE Little Shop of Horrors. So wanted to do it!

The Audrey II puppet is designed to be a completely moveable plant inside the pot. When the fake hand is attached it just looks like it's moving by itself while I'm holding it. It's actually really weird and sometimes even I get fooled! Here's an Instagram video of it moving (before it was finished, really) so you can get a feel for what I mean: https://instagram.com/p/BIMHelig2pn/

Audrey II:
•built over an old. And very Rubbish quick puppet I made last year (see pictures)
•Main body is a frog sock puppet
• Papier-mâché cut in half and stuck onto the top and bottom for the mouth.
•Foam for inside of the mouth
• Body and Papier-mâché covered in a silky and sequinned fabric.
•Lips painted with red acrylic
•Net ruffled at back. Tied bouquets of netting, bottom covered with more fabric.
•Teeth made of heavy duty foam.
• Two leaves at front made from Felt and net on top
• Back Leaves made from Leather
•tentacles made from random pieces of Felt, Net and Leather
•Silk flowers on top.
•Pot is Lined with brown fabric of an old coat. Looks like soil Puppet stuck onto that.
• Pot is made from craft foam. A small extra layer added to the top rim to give it that "pot edge" effect.
•Lettering made of foam letters "Audrey I I"
• Sign is made of Foam with foam lettering "Don't Feed The Plants" and chain made of foam "C's stool together"
•Pot supported by Heavy Duty foam inside.
•Bottom of Pot Lined with black Spandex.

Coat and fake hand:
•old cat with hole cut in left centre for my arm to comfortably come out and operate puppet
•Fake arm stuffed in Left sleeve
•Sleeve Stuffed with Soft Toy Stuffing
•Two popper fasteners. One attached to sleeve one attached to finger attached to the plant's pot.
• Black Spandex sleeve hand sewn to wear on arm so it blends in with black sleeve.
•Fake arm covered in plasters

Seymour: (Luckily mostly pieced together from old clothes)
• Blue shirt with one arm cut off (so it doesn't show through puppet hole)
• Bow Toe
• Chinos
• Black Belt
•. Glasses
• Mighty Ducks hat (not authentic. But was sorriest hat I owned and am on a budget this month. Will probably change for London)
• Converse
•plasters on fingers (not shown in picture)
• Black swimming shirt underneath so arms cannot be seen operating Audrey I I
• wear the already mentioned black coat over this

I've worn it around the house and it's fairly comfortable. And I can get my arm out of the puppet to rest it if necessary. Everything is attached with glue, or hand sewn... It's been really difficult getting everything to stay in place, Audrey 2 sheds like crazy!!!!

LelouchTheDouche posted on 9 July, 2016 - 13:06
Awesome cosplay! Loved little shop of horrors. Can't wait to see this ^_^

AJBananaCosplay posted on 12 July, 2016 - 08:21
@LeloucheTheDouche. Thank you so much!! It's coming along nicely! I had to wait 72 hours before I could comment. It was agonising haha! Thanks for your support. Keep checking here because I'll be updating everytime I do something to the puppet/ my costume!

ballet shoes posted on 3 September, 2016 - 09:11
I love this so much, great work!! I shouted out when I realized that you'd even made a fake hand so you could operate twoei. Looking forward to more pictures when you take it to expo :)

AJBananaCosplay posted on 3 September, 2016 - 09:32
Thanks!!! I might be putting London on the back burner. Purely because of money. And also, because I won Captain Cosplay 2016, I have a photoshoot to arrange. And that's the only time I can make it! (Typical). But am going to some local ones like Chester instead!

Namine posted on 2 October, 2016 - 18:03
Feed me Seymour! XD Love it. Huge fan of little shop of horrors. I might try and make the dentists clothing that Steve Martin used in the film xD

ShadowofShinra posted on 16 November, 2016 - 13:04
Ah this is fantastic! I love how Audrey II looks, clearly a lot of hard work's gone in there and it shows!

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