Ross Poldark - Poldark


Note- Not actually for London May , it's for Frome Comic Con August 2016.

Thought I'd go all Period Drama!

I was lucky to already have the coat knockin around in the form of an old Byronesque Vampire Halloween costume. But it had a weird waistcoat attached. So that's gone

The hat I already had for a steampunky party last year.

The waistcoat is an old white wedding waistcoat.

The trousers are from a charity shop

The boots are wellies not riding boots for comfort purposes.

Slightly less impressive making than some of my other cosplays but I like this one. They filmed a bit of Poldark where this Comic Con is going to be located, too. So it will be fun.

My hair is nowhere near curly or long enough. So this cosplay has to go on the back burner until my hair has grown or I get a wig.

Lady-Aira posted on 22 November, 2016 - 20:35
Love the shots you have ^^ especially the black/white one - it's very striking! :D great work!

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