Sera (Ball Outfit) - Dragon Age Inquisition


ALcon 2015


So when I first got this costume it didn't fit me right, which was pretty disappointing. It wasn't unwearable, so I made do, but for how much I had spent on getting the materials and having it commissioned (over £100 I believe) I didn't want it to be wasted!
So I recently added in some panels to the jacket and it does fit much better now! I need to make sure that the buttons are fine and everything, and add more length to the sash, but I feel a lot more confident about it now as an outfit c:

I might also add the chantry symbol detail to the shoulder pads (which the girls have but not the guys istg- WHICH MAKES ME HESITANT BECAUSE WHAT IF I WANT TO USE IT FOR SOLAS OR SOMEONE) and maybe consider a longer belt, but these are all small things so I'm marking it as completed c:

Reference: https://img.fireden.net/v/image/1548/96/1548960909510.png

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