Grell - Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)


Triforceofdragons posted on 26 June, 2016 - 19:35
Ahhhhhhhh it looks so good!!!

LelouchTheDouche posted on 26 June, 2016 - 20:52
Thankies :p I'm so excited to do this cosplay @_@

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25th June 2016

The Making Of Grell

Why I wanted to do this cosplay was because I found Grell a real oddball character and instantly loved her for this xD I knew it wasn't gonna be easy to do but having come as far as I have now, it was totally worth it. So to break things down for anyone interested/ looking for guidance on this particular cosplay as I had trouble finding them. ___ Clothes ___ I got the wig on ebay with free glasses too, keeping cost down. I hand-made and hand-stitched the coat (I don't own a sewing machine. Yay for me O_O). Fabric was the hardest to organise as cotton would be too light and 'waft' too much when walking. In the end I settled for mid-weight cotton sateen which is very silky but most importantly can hold a shape well. I then bought generic black fabric for the trim and bow. There is a guide on deviantart on how to make this. (It made it seem easy but I nearly had a melt-down. However it can be done!) For the bow on the coat I had to use the cardboard from a tissue box to hold the shape without being too stiff. I then sew two pieces of black fabric together. I made the waistcoat from an old suit that was too small. I use left-over fabric from the two sleeves to add an extra back panel to the back. I then also added a tie to the back. I used velcro to keep the waistcoat on and the buttons are just decoration. My shirt as you may notice is white with black stripes and not white with black arm-bands. That was a personal choice and convenience. It also doesn't look at all odd when wearing it. I decided to wear leggings instead of trousers for this cosplay for personal preference (the jeggings I have wouldn't be long enough- being 6" isn't fun yo!) I got the shoes from New Look on sale for just 10. I didn't want to buy the 'official' Grell shoes for a few reasons, firstly size and cost and the variant of Grell I was doing had black shoes, not with the red part. The ribbon around my neck is called a berisford stripe pattern in around 16mm width. I stitched the bow onto another piece to hold it in place and have velcro to fasten it. ____ Makeup ____ Pretty self-explanatory.. I used normal skin prep (foundation/ priming) but I used highlighing around my eyes so that the black would stand out more. I used black mascara, black eyeliner and red lipstick. I will also be using red lip-liner (ebay) to tint my eyebrows red but will be using MUA makeup fixing spray to set it so hopefully it won't smudge all over the shop (but I won't be using THAT much!). **edit*** I have now decided to contour slightly just to get a more detailed look, especially around the mose (I have a fat nose T_T) ___ Teeth ___ I bought thermomorph pellets on Amazon (500g was waaay too much. you only need around 150g at most) and fake nails. Bear with me.... 1st you have to make 'retainers' with the thermomorph. So heat up some pellets (more is better than less I found) and then carefully place the goo (can't think of a better descriptive term :/ ) over your top teeth, smoothing it at the front so it isn't too thick. Any excess on your pallate can be later trimmed and filed. Play around until it feels right. A word of advice though! Don't make it 'dead tight' as when that thermomorph sets it can be VERY difficult getting out... It happened to me xD Leave a small amount of wiggle room. Once happy, use fake nails to make the actual fang shaped teeth. I personally used only pinky nails for mine. Have a play around with how much of a point to use and glue using the nail adhesive. If it doesn't stick there may be two things wrong. A) The retainers are wet- dry them B) The surface is too smooth- get a pair of scissors or a knife and lightly score the surface and try gluing again Don't put the teeth into your mouth for at least 24-48hrs after as the glue can be toxic... plus it tastes awful :/ I personally used an off-white nail varnish to prevent see-through with the nails. ___ Vodoo Doll ___ I was trying to get hessian-like material to make it look like a proper voodoo doll but the cost and lack of availability (plus a good sighting in Wilkos) made me buy pillow cases in a mushroomy kind of brown, which could pass for hessian... sorta... I didn't pay out specially for £5 stuffing and instead paid £1 for a basic pillow in Wilkos again which has more han enough stuffing for 4 of these dolls! I deliberately make the doll's edges rough looking (I mean can Grell even sew that well?) and voodoo dolls aren't meant to be perfect looking anyways. The eyes, mouth and embroidered heart and hair were added after sewing it all up. Personal preference I guess :/ ___ Chainsaw ___ Still ongoing... This is going to be basic at best due to lack of both experience and funding... Made from around 4/5 small card boxes with the blade being from an old TV box which is actually stronger than steel! I made a cut for the blade to go through with a larger base inside the main housing so it couldn't work lose. I then have attached two smaller boxes either side of the main housing. The gold paint was a bargain at £2 from Wilkos. If you read all this have a cookie :D Good luck with your cosplaying and any Q's about this cosplay feel free to ask. I don't bite, though the sharp teeth may suggest otherwise ;)

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