Terra Branford (Amano) - Final Fantasy 6

In Progress

Amecon 2018




Decided on my next big one! Looking forward to all the bead-work!

I fell in love with her outfit when I watched the opening animation of the game when I was a girl. This costume has been on my mind for a while and thought 'ya know, I could do with trying out something a bit different.' I finished FF6 for the first time last year for the first time and Terra grew on me a lot.

I have gained an affinity for pretty projects after all the rhinestones I glued onto Sora and I defiantly feel that I havent done a nice dress costume in a long time.

As of Kitacon 2017 the costume is making good progress but ideally would need a little more time to make her more polished and I do not want to rush the needlework :) This one would be for late 2017-mid 2018.


Deathblow_Prime posted on 13 June, 2016 - 16:56
Love the wig! Hope to see some progress on this :)

White Tigress posted on 4 July, 2017 - 22:56
A lot of procrastinating later she is back on the progress list :D

Manticore posted on 13 June, 2016 - 21:06
Wooo I like! Are you using the references from Dissdia, Amano or In-Game?

White Tigress posted on 14 June, 2016 - 12:15
Mostly game/Amano. Might mix them up a little hehe

Progress Journal

19th October 2017


Love how flat this one is so far!

18th October 2017

Root 2

Lengthened! Will keep adding to it!

18th October 2017

Double boarder

Added some more gold on the flower above the root

18th October 2017


I think I am getting the hang of this!!!!

7th October 2017


Still got lots to learn :) the needlework is screaming beginner at this sort of thing but I am having fun.

2nd October 2017


I ran into a lot of problems on the run up to Kita so I will try to get her done soon. Constructivly she is almost done but there are lots of ways she could be improved/polished :) Plus progress is slow as its my first time doing sequin emboidery.

I tried her on for the first time and getting excited getting her done soon :)

14th August 2017

Cape, beads and waist

The dye didnt work out so decided to try painting the gradient using water and a spnoge which seemed to have worked well.

First time ombre painting and making earrings. The fabrics for the sashes are luuuuush~

28th July 2017

Dye preparation...with a difference!

Gotten bored of standard fabric dyes but a few months ago I have found a few turorials about making my own vegatable dyes.

Cut some beetroot, pop it into pan, throw a shit ton salt and vinegar and let it simmer in water for an hour.

Not sure how it is gonna turn out. Also gonna create an gradient for the first time.

23rd July 2017


Pushing to get the sleeves done very soon.

Heres the applique before I started sewing the sequins.

15th July 2017

More stuff!!!!

Got a few metres worth of Geogette fabrics for the sash and cape.

Cape is way more peach than intended so I am curious to see how it blends with the rest of the costume.

9th July 2017



12th June 2017


Made from lycra to prevent ripping.

Needs painting.

26th May 2017



19th May 2017


I have settled for sequins for the flowers on the dress and the sleeves.

21st February 2017

Quick tests

I have done some fabric tests for the main fabric to see how everything behaves. I dont really like how the paint looks directly on it but the applique method looks like its working well.

Now I need to think what would be the best sort of fabrics to use, and I might consider using some of the applique as a base for the paintwork (and maybe some embroidry if im feeling adventurous) if needed.

17th February 2017

Wig 2

The wig is now restyled. I have looked at a few tutorials and been inspired to make it into a high ponytail. Looks much better now. I might consider reinstalling the pearls if they dont interfere with the rest of the hair accessories I will be making :D

29th December 2016


Nearly done. Need some gold paint so I can start the brooch for the middle.

5th December 2016

Picking this up again

Ill be finishing this whenever this gets finished. Ideally I would like to get this done for LAGC but the mid year con (hopefully I can get Kitacon off) would be fine.

I found some lovely lace lying around for the bow but no matter what I done with it it looked like I have just popped it last minuite in my wig so I decided to bling it a little with rhinestones.

Last week I have done a but of a stock check for fabric paints I already owned and brought some more since. They are as pictured but since then I have brought 2 white (for the base coat as the velvet is pretty dark, more red, and some yellow and green that are designed for dark fabrics.

I have acquired some fabric for the leggings and Akari's shirt but it's too thin for my liking but it would do for the cape. I hope to read up and do the ombre dying at the start of the new year. I ordered some white spandex.

The fringe is cut a little bit. I wanna make it all pretty with beads.

Brought a reel of gold fringe trimming. Gonna buy the dyes and bead stuff in the new year as the costs of this is proper piling up and need money for xmas xD

7th July 2016


My progress on my dress so far, comparing the mock up dress (which I plan to use as lining later) and the final fabric Ill me making it our of. I used a corset to help me place where the seams will be (the cling film and masking tape patterning method may be better for this kind of thing ^^;). I originally had another panel for each side of my body but due to the copious amounts of seam allowances on the rest of it there was no need. I had to remove a bit from the bust to ensure it contours well.

The only issue right now is that there will be some taking in around the hips as it feels a bit like a skater dress. In fact, it would work really well if I wanna cosplay Panty from PSG. I can live with that and will be an easy fix.

5th July 2016


Done my research and decided that I wanna use crushed velvet.

I have some red cotton around so I can use that as a mock up for the base dress and once I get to the main one I can use it as lining.

6th June 2016

Wig selected!

It arrived this morning! It will need a lot of work and cutting but I like the colour a lot! Decided to go with the mint green as FF6 means a lot to me and she will always be green haired to me :P