Female Trainer - Pokemon Sun and Moon


IT HAPPENED AGAIN I fell in love with the new trainer's design and the game isn't even out yet...
This was such a fun little project to do in between Ame, and starting my next 'big' project c: It gave me some more practice at a bunch of things and I'm really happy with how it's all turned out c:

It turns out that the hat is not a chicken hat after all, I am very disappointed that I have to remake it!

HAT: Made from the same fabric as my Eiko jumper. I ended up making a couple of these as it took me ages to be satisfied with the shape at the top! It's a bit tight on my head over my wig but hopefully it'll give eventually!

TOP: Cotton jersey with the designs painted on. The bow at the front has interfacing and wadding to help it keep shape. I made it separately and attached it at the end, rather than making a tie-front for ease of patterning.

SHORTS: Cotton/linen mix, with spare Kagura fabric as the waistband. I dicovered halfway through making them that they were supposed to have pockets, so I had to do a bit of rethinking along the way. Pockets though, the dream.

BAG: My pride and joy. Made from various fake leathers, and lined with cute craft cotton. The front flap fastens with a fancy metallic clasp, and the ring on the strap is a wooden curtain ring covered in more fake leather. I never want to make or sew pleather bias ever again...

SHOES: I bought platform lace-up trainers on ebay, and used wadding and scuba to create the details. The shoe laces were painted yellow after a failed attempt to sharpie dye them.

Wig is a Coscraft Lily in 'Natural Black'

I'm not even sorry for being all ME FIRST. Fight me.

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Rotom Dex

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8th August 2016

What even are hands

My hands are destroyed, new ones please

3rd August 2016


The shoes are done! They were kind of a nightmare tbh. For one, when I patterned out the shapes onto the base shoes I bought, the proportions looked awful! Sooo I repatterned everything and I'm much happier, even if the shoes now look kind of inaccurate. And then the LACES. Apparently the only yellow laces in existence are glow-in-the-dark-migraine-inducing-vomit yellow so I ended up sharpie-ing a plain white pair. The sharpie turned orange overnight so I've spent today painting the shoelaces in the same yellow I'm using for the design on the top. OH and the shoes claim to be a 5 but are actually a 6 or maybe even a 7, so they look massive on me sob. At least it was worth it, I love my ugly litten-esque feet.

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