Fiona - Tales from the Borderlands


MCM London Comic-Con May 2016

Showcased 18th April 2017 What is this?




I absolutely adore Fiona's design (definitely the best dressed Borderlands character) and was dying to cosplay her from the moment I first played Tales From The Borderlands back in May 2015.

I made the pattern for the coat and bodice from scratch, since the outfit is so fitted it seemed like the best way forward. The coat was a bit of a nightmare because of all the various panels on the back, which I did all as actual panels rather than just painting on the detail later. The hat was a white wedding hat I bought on eBay and modified heavily. The boots and jeans were bought and then I edited them and cellshaded them to hell and back. Literally everything on this costume had to be cellshaded which took some time!

I have to say that I think this is my favourite cosplay to date - I love the outfit, I love the character, I love the series and I had so much fun wearing it.


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