Hanayo (Korekara No Someday) - Love Live! School Idol Project


I'm so excited to cosplay my little Rice Queen Hanayo <3
I love this dress, it's simple but also CUTE AS HECK- a winning combination! I'll even have Bakurakat as Rin (hopefully) so with lots of luck this will be done for Amecon so we can be super summery together. It shouldn't be too complicated to make, with it being a fairly straightforward dress, but I'm hoping I can make a really fluffy petticoat so I have a lot of shape to the skirt.

Worn at:
Amecon 2016
MCM London Oct 2016

- The Dress. It's a plain yellow cotton bodice with an orange cotton circle skirt. I accidentally made the top too long so thankfully I had an apron to cover the ugly seam that left behind D: The skirt's yellow spots are fabric painted, which was done by Bakurakat as she is a lot neater than me!
- The apron. Another circle skirt with gathered ribbon all of the way around. I made it a circle skirt because in the references it looks like it goes all the way around and I wanted it to sit level on the skirt beneath.
- The collar. I hate collars and attaching them is where it all goes wrong for me, so I made it as a separate piece! It attaches with poppers, and I used a red polycotton for the neckerchief with printed cabochons for the gold gem. There was originally 3 like in the reference, but they didn't sit right so I stuck with just one in the middle.
- The petticoat- My first ever! I'll include it here because this is the costume I made it for, even though I've worn it for a lot of different things since. It's quite messy as I was still kinda guessing how to do things, but it's 3 tiers, each double the length of the last! In the end the bottom tier is about 5 layers I think? One day I'll make a neater (maybe even poofier!) one :D

- The wig, which I played about with and trimmed slightly.
- The headband. I covered a plain headband in white polycotton and then glued on a little white bow.

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