Peggy Carter (Outfit worn when attacking Hydra base) - Captain America: The First Avenger

In Progress


Hoping to get this costume made for Tokonatsu 2016, to go with my boyfriends Captain America cosplay he's working on.
I have the fabric for her tie, shirt and trousers sorted, but I'm still searching for a leatherette for her jacket.
Hoping to do a test with my hair to see if I can pin curl it overnight to the desired effect, as I won't be able to use any electrical hair tools at the campsite. I'll also need to practice with makeup to get the right look.

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Make Tie
Make Trousers
Make Shirt
Make Jacket
Get Boots
Practice Hairstyle
Practice Makeup
Leatherette for jacket
Buttons and zips for shirt, jacket and trousers

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