Lenalee Lee (Third Uniform) - D.Gray-man




Wahhh I ABSOLUTELY love this. Another commissioned one.

Why I chose it? Ummmm. Well. Uh. I had NO idea who I wanted to cosplay and my friend (who was cosplaying Allen) persuaded me to do Lenalee as we already had a Lavi and a Kanda. Well as things turned out our Kanda and Allen dropped out so... oh well! Seriously though I loooove this. It's comfy (although it's easy to overheat in it surprisingly and I wouldn't recommend wearing it in winter to say Idk run around in the cold at cosplay meets in January and then visit equally cold castles for photos >>).

First shoe store I visited had the PERFECT pair of shoes which I bought straight away although it took a few days to break into them and they tend to dye your feet red. I have gone through... 4 or 5 pairs of stockings because of the amount of times I've worn it. I ended up HATING the wig I bought as it didn't come out ANYTHING like it was supposed to be like so I cut my hair for it for Expo which I'm now regretting ha ha!

Overall, I LOVE this.

EDIT 30/06/2010
I'm highly contemplating on selling this. :) As much as I love it I'm not into D.Gray-Man so much now and... yeah. Maybe. We'll see.


No thanks posted on 3 June, 2009 - 16:15
You always look amazing when you wear this! <3

phalor posted on 3 June, 2009 - 16:58
I hope so! XD

tteugeo posted on 10 January, 2010 - 17:27
you make such a cute lenalee skjdghf ;w; <3

phalor posted on 10 January, 2010 - 17:34
Not really but usdhfus thank you! <3

Tyne posted on 10 January, 2010 - 19:02
Ahh you always were a great Lenalee! Gutted to bits that I couldn't go to expo like. ;~;

phalor posted on 10 January, 2010 - 19:19
We should do another shoot up here then? D8 ...When it's warmer.

Mew Den Chan posted on 23 January, 2010 - 19:19
Awesome stuff! *thumbs up* ^^ I never got to have a picture with a Lenalee when I was cosplaying Tyki... I'll be on the lookout for you when I next cosplay him 8D

Pandora-Chi posted on 6 August, 2010 - 20:52
This cosplay's soo cute and pretty ^^

phalor posted on 7 August, 2010 - 12:43
Ah, thank you! (:

cowiee posted on 1 March, 2011 - 19:19
So adorable! :3

phalor posted on 17 March, 2011 - 19:28
Thank you! :3