Costume :Larry Butz
Variant :"Laurice" from case 3-5
Source :Phoenix Wright Series
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo Oct 2009

Costume Photos

Professional pic

Top half

With the others

Monkey transfer

Full ref



Costume Information

Cost : Around £25-35
Time Taken : Around 6-8 hours

This will not be worn by me!

This is going to be worn by the cousin of "PUNK POLLY" as we are now accustomed to calling her xD
All I have is his measurements soo this shall be interesting as to if it fits! and I won't be able to try it on me seeing as my measurements are waaaay bigger lmao!

pink material ahoy!


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If something stinks, it's usually the Butz XD AAHAHAHA Aweeesome~

by Demented Kid on Wednesday, 3 June, 2009 - 15:24
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Yays! More people need to cosplay Larry, he's awesome. XD

by MoonLily on Wednesday, 3 June, 2009 - 17:31
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Sweeeeeet x x x x

by picklesofdoom on Tuesday, 13 October, 2009 - 23:22

To-Do List

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DONE! (Posted 23rd October 2009)

I'm going to put this as complete, as it pretty much is! All that's left to do is to iron on the transfer, and I'll be doing that at the apartment x3

As much as I think I screwed up a lot on the jumper, I think it looks awesome :D and the beret is made of win now that I've put some wadding in it to perk it up a bit!

90% done! (Posted 23rd October 2009)

After a day of feeling icky, I managed to sew together the jumper and beret!

All that's left to do tomorrow morning is to handsew some bits on the jumper again, then sew some wadding into the beret to poof it out, and then print out the transfer. I'm going to transfer the image tomorrow evening when I'm at the apartment 8D


Whooot (Posted 19th October 2009)

Got all the fabric I need now, and I've cut out the jumper pattern, now jsut need to cut out the fabric...I'm getting very nervous about this costume, in terms of whether it will fit...I'm making it purposefully too big for the wearer because then it doesn't matter too much if it's too big as opposed to too small, and also the jumper is baggy anyway xD
I'm putting up the transfer image I did just for fun :3

Fabric! (Posted 11th October 2009)

Bought some nice pink fabric for the top. I was originally going to use the fabric for the beret too, but then I saw in the's orange. Bummer.
So I'll have to go back and get some orange fabric lmao.

I have green trousers ordered and arriving soon, and I've done the transfer for the front of the jumper (the monkey thing) which wasn't that hard to do ^^

oh, she's gonna start this? lol (Posted 1st October 2009)

I now have the measurements for my Laurice (my original laurice bowed out but thankfully we've found a replacement) and I've found a handy fabric shop near where I live at uni!!! SQUEE >w< so sometime this week I'll be buying fabric.

Teehe. (Posted 1st July 2009)

Don't expect progress to start on this until September xD then I'll have my "Laurice" nearby (since we're hopefully going to the same uni) and then I can measure her whenever I want, mwahaha!