Radagast - The Hobbit


keyoto posted on 16 June, 2016 - 23:58
if you wanted to meet the actor himself, hes going to Worcester Comic Con on 21 august this year! also looking forward to seeing your progress

This Little Nephilim posted on 22 July, 2016 - 15:47
That looks so awesome, If I catch you I would luv to get a photo

Make Head Cast
Clay onto Head Cast
Make Mould for Silicone Mask
Mould the Silicone Mask
Colour Silicone Mask
Hair Silicone Mask
Style/Make Wig (Birds Nest)
Make Animatronics for Wig
Make Needle Felted Hat
Make Base Vest (Layer 1)
Flowery Vest (Layer 2)
Embroidered Coat (Layer 3)
Velvet Flocked Organza Over-Vest (Layer 4)
3/4 Length Trousers
Left Curled Shoe
Right Embroidery Shoe
Fingerless Gloves
Shoulder Bag
Hedgehog Cage

Total cost: £0.00

25th July 2016

Needle and Wet Felting The Hat!

Spent the day making Radagasts hat! I used a mixture of needle and wet felting to get the overall look. Was a very fun process, that also gave me some exercise, and an excuse to buy a bouncy ball!

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