Nico Niyama - Kiznaiver


Cosplaying Nico for MCM Manchester is only tentative at the moment! Honestly depends on whether I finish it or not ahaha

I felt like cosplaying an eccentric character who I could have a lot of fun cosplaying during a summer convention (Since my other Manchester Expo cosplay is super simple I wanted something a bit more detailed I guess???) and I wanted to cosplay someone from Kiznaiver but I also wanted to challenge myself a little to make this cosplay and make it look awesome so I picked Nico (I tend to avoid school uniform cosplays because they seem too simple or boring as a costume to me)

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Crossover tie
Flower bracelet
Thigh highs
Belt accessory
Hair accessories
Wig (adding teal wefts)
Bunny phone strap (optional)

Total cost: £0.00

10th June 2016


Finally started adding in some of the teal wefts into the base wig but to create more wefts from the rest of the front piece I need to head home to use my sewing machine. Also need to curl the weft pieces I want to sew into the separate ponytails. Progress on this cosplay is going well and I hope to get the main outfit pieces all done and out of the way soon so I can focus on the more tedious crafting parts of this costume

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