Hanayo Koizumi (Valentines) - Love Live!



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I actually bought this for Kotori originally as it's one of my favourite cards of hers but I didn't quite feel right as Kotori wearing it - thankfully two of the other girls wear the same outfit too so I made a last minute decision to try out Hanayo for my local Emcon convention. I've always kinda wanted to cos her as she's super cute and I really like some of her outfits - plus she loves rice so how could you NOT like her??

It was super fun to wear on the day - I didn't do it totally accurately but I was happy with the end result. I didn't have time to get her design accurate shoes or wings so I made do with some similar ones. The wings were actually a bit awkward for walking around in so I left them off on the day. I also decided to skip the braces - how they go clipped with the top OVER the skirt, just really doesn't suit my figure so I decided to just leave that part of the costume.

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