Rinoa Heartilly v.1 (Regular Outfit) - Final Fantasy VIII




♥ Events Worn at: ♥
● London MCM Expo May 2009
● London MCM Expo October 2010

When I played Final Fantasy 8 I fell in love with Rinoa's spirit and heart. I felt like I could relate to her more than any other character I'd come across. Since this was the first time I was ever going to cosplay I decide it should be her.

I bought the cosplay from www.cosplaymagic.com for around £100. Since I had never made an outfit before or had the facilities to do so. I had bought one from eBay but it arrived smaller than asked for so I had to go to cosplaymagic. When it arrived it was a perfect fit and made me feel so much like Rinoa I didn't want to take it off.

I decided to use my own hair although it was brown instead of black and I bought two blonde clip in extensions from Peacocks for £5. My friend lent me her boots and now has let me keep them (although I need to fix the zip on one).

I hope one day to make my own Rinoa cosplay and buy a wig so it is 100% accurate and perfect. And I hope when I can I'll buy an Austrailian Shepherd (or half border collie and half german shepherd - if I can find one XD) bitch to be my Angelo :)


FusionRose posted on 2 April, 2010 - 21:26
You look AWESOME rin-rin!!! =D

ImmortalRose posted on 2 June, 2010 - 21:03
You have to put up the Hippy, Free Spirited Rinoa ;) x.

BabemRoze posted on 3 June, 2010 - 17:14
I shooould XD

Fables posted on 22 June, 2010 - 01:31
There was like 10 seconds i thought the gunblade was real, lol! Love tou costume, you look stunning ^^,

BabemRoze posted on 22 June, 2010 - 08:48
*blushhh* Thank you so much >3< And yaaay! Gunblade tricked j00 :D

DuskatNight posted on 31 July, 2010 - 23:03
You make such a pretty Rinoa!

Pandora-Chi posted on 8 August, 2010 - 16:57
Wow - you're soo pretty as Rinoa -^^-

J-Po posted on 19 November, 2010 - 21:35
how come ive not commented on this yet ..... you an ace face rinoa really suit her :D

Kaythenia posted on 18 December, 2010 - 20:28
You are a stunning Rinoa! I tried to pull off that costume and failed hugely, I just don't look right for her..or any of the young, fresh faced FF girls XD The kiss with squall is just too cute as well, well done!

BabemRoze posted on 18 December, 2010 - 20:37
Aww I bet you did better than you think! :D And thank you for the nice words >3< x

L-Lionheart posted on 21 December, 2010 - 01:30
Gorgeous ^^ <3

FuriePhoenix posted on 6 January, 2011 - 13:38
you make such a cute Rinoa!!

Nomes posted on 14 February, 2011 - 10:51
Fabulous! Love your Rinoa. You have the perfect skin tone for her too. I would love to get some Rinny-Selphie shots. There were no other ffviii peeps at the con I wore selphie to :(

BabemRoze posted on 14 February, 2011 - 11:44
Gasp! This must be changed! =D One day we shall get Rinny-Sephy pictures ^_^! And they will be awesome =D x

LekLek posted on 1 April, 2011 - 05:24
Beautiful rinoa dearie

Bullet Hell posted on 12 May, 2011 - 21:42
You have a smile like a little kitty :3