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Amecon 2016


Hopefully as a cute evening costume for Ame with Whitewraith as Homura! These outfits are adorable and good test runs for when we cosplay the characters properly!
(i've had such bag luck with Madoka wigs... hopefully my third one will do the trick!)

EDIT: Paying a bit extra for a wig worked and this one is perfect!

TheStarlightFairy posted on 28 April, 2016 - 21:46
So cuuuute! I love these designs <3

InfiniteJester posted on 1 May, 2016 - 21:36
They're adorable <3

Siouxsie James posted on 3 July, 2016 - 22:11
Looking great :):)

InfiniteJester posted on 5 July, 2016 - 19:13
Thank you!

Panda123 posted on 10 August, 2016 - 23:26
Super cute XD

Bunny ears
Hair bows
Wrist cuffs
Ankle puffs

Total cost: £0.00

24th July 2016


I sewed all the trim onto the dress last weekend once I'd got some matching thread! It's an elasticated trim so I wanted to handsew it, rather than machine sew it but happy with the end result! The bow was then sewn onto the back and the flowers were handsewn onto the hemline, all the way around! I was pretty unhappy with the overall fit of the skirt but thankfully with the flowers and trim on it's kinda disguised and I really like how it all looks on!

8th July 2016

Almost there!

I apparently to forgot to update my progress on here, oops. But anyway it's almost done! I put together the skirt last weekend - a circle skirt with elasticated waist which I double layered the fabric for just to give it a bit more body. It's not the neatest thing ever and I accidentally used the wrong pattern and made it like way bigger than it needed to be at first so had to take it in a lot. It altered the shape a bit but it's wearable now! Not totally happy with it and I think it would probably have looked better with a fitted waist rather than elasticated but it's comfy and once I've got the decoration on, won't be too evident I hope! I made the bows today for both mine and Homura's which will fit onto the back of the skirt - made from the same fabric as the skirt and wrist cuffs and they look pretty nice! Just need to sew on my trim and flowers to the bottom hem and it's complete!

25th June 2016

Wrist cuffs

I made the wrist cuffs from the same satin that the skirts will be made from. I've made something like these before for Dolphi so they weren't too difficult to make thankfully other than sizing them correctly. Two layers of satin which were sewn together and then pulled inside out so both sides have the satin sheen side. This was then sewn together at the outer edge and a button put on for decorative purposes. They're sized so they can come on and off without fastenings and stay on well without slipping at all. Just the skirt to go now...

25th June 2016


The bunny ears were bought and have wire inserted in them so they can be moved for photos. I hand stitched some of the smaller flowers onto them for decoration - there are 3 in the reference but the orange flower looked too much on the headband so I left it at the two smaller ones.

25th June 2016

Sewing begins

About a month to go before the con and I'm FINALLY starting work on this now Heisuke's complete. The flowers arrived the other day and aren't totally colour accurate but I like them anyway - the flowers are more orange than yellow/orange for Madoka but I can live with that. They also will match totally with Homura's purple ones which is why I sacrificed the slight colour change. The purple flowers are a lovely colour and maybe about a centimere smaller than expected. Today was spent making all the accessories which to be honest was pretty quick work! The ankle puffs were made using some bought pompoms which I then made an elasticated ribbon to attach to. I made a bow for around my neck with some gold decorative wedding ribbon and a press stud to close it at the back like a choker - this seemed a preferable method to trying to make sure the bow and flower stayed close by natural means on the day. The orange flower was then sewed onto the front. Seen here is the flower choker with the shirt and petticoats to give an idea of what the overall shape will be

5th June 2016

More bits on the way

This weekend was mostly about discussing and ordering bits for myself and my Homura's costume - we're doing our best to cooridinate these outfits despite the fact we're both living in different countries! :P I'm going to buy the fabric for the skirt next weekend hopefully and have already ordered the pom poms for the ankles and all the flowers for the skirts. Once they've arrived and I've got the fabric I can get cracking! In the meantime I cut the wig today so it's more accurate!

6th May 2016

More bits arriving!

The tights arrived yesterday and the bunny ears came today - I bought them purely for ease as I could have made them really. These are pretty cool though as they have wire inserted so I can move the ears around and reposition them! For now, I'm mostly just on the hunt for some shoes until I go fabric shopping next for the skirt fabric!

3rd May 2016

The start

Bits and pieces have been ordered for this - the shirt, tights and bunny ears mainly. It took me 3 tries but I finally found a Madoka wig I'm happy with - i'm gonna be such a perfectionist when it comes to her. The shirt arrived today and fits great thankfully - just need to add on gold buttons instead of white and that's done. I was going to make it but I have a lot of other stuff going on life-wise atm so it was easier just to buy one. Likely no progress will be done on this for another month while I'm doing other Ame costumes but hopefully will get the fabric for her skirt soon. I've already got some perfect ivory coloured lining left over from Adekan so that will work for the skirt lining.

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