Alec Lightwood - The Mortal Instruments


Amecon 2016


For precon Shadowhunter times!
Doing this with some of my besties because it's become kinda a tradition to cos from these books at cons now! I really wanted to do a Shadowhunter this time as I'm too prone to cosplaying the Downworlder's instead but my choices were a bit limited as I've only really cosplayed Emma before from the modern books. I'm used to cosplaying Magnus so I'd never really considered Alec before, but he's a character I love almost as much and I identify personally with him a lot too as we have similar personality traits, so I figured, why not?
Was considering his tv version look but I'm dubious as to whether I can pull off his hairstyle so I'll probably go closer to the look he has in Cassandra Jean's tarot artwork!

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