Toriel - Undertale


Minami Con 22 (2016)

We won a prize in the Minamicon 22 masquerade


Dave and I really liked Undertale, I particularly like the fact that you can choose to play through it entirely peacefully, and we spotted some similarities between myself and Toriel. She likes bad jokes/puns, reading and learning, making things (in her case cooking, in mine crafts and sewing) and comfortable chairs. :) I'd also been planning to try making a costume head that was more detailed than the ones I've made before and she seemed like a good choice to try making for that.

I made the base of the head with plastic canvas. I also used fake fur, fleece, felt, craft foam (for the fangs) and some see-through black fabric (in the eyes) to make the head.

I couldn't see well when I had the costume head on (continuing the unintentional tradition of at least one of myself and Dave not being able to see well in the masquerade) so I made Dave a Frisk costume to wear when I wore this so he could see well and move around easily and push my wheelchair.

I made a lot of props for these costumes which was a lot of fun. For this one I made a fabric pie (easier to carry around than a real one), a "72 Uses for Snails" cover which I put over a book and made a cover for my wheelchair to make it look more like her chair (but with wheels :) ). I had a basket I kept the props in.

I picked the Overworld sprite design rather than the battle one for reference when making this costume.

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