Marty McFly ((BTTF Part One)) - Back to the Future


This was one of the first costume I ever put together in 2013 for a non-uniform day in my last year at school. It came a long way since then, though, and I'm still not happy with it - I still want a more accurate jacket and body warmer. Although, I am really proud of all the small details I put into this outfit. I had headphones, sunglasses, a walkman, genuine 1980s Nike trainers, braces (that you can't see in any photo) and a black Casio watch.

Granted, though most of the pieces in this outfit are not hand made, I had to alter the shirt to fit me, and I had to size down a very large denim shirt to fit me. I would really have loved to have had a more accurate wig and a more accurate bodywarmer. I also didn't get time to finish off the insides of the sleeves, which I wanted to line with a green spotted cream fabric, but unfortunately didn't get around to.

I struggled to get my wig into a suitably "Marty" hairstyle, and regretted the amount of styling I forced into it the next day when I had to try and get it back to it's factory settings for my Merlin setting. It was also extremely hot to wear so many layers in the Con. So hot.

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2nd October 2019

New Wig WIP

I’ve been trying to improve this costume since 2014 — BTTF is my favourite film and I love Marty so I’ve been trying to do him and the film justice for forever. I bought a job lot of gross old wigs in 2017 and cleaned and fixed them up with detergent. Today I’ve thinned the wig out and steamed and and tried to style it.

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