Merlin - BBC Merlin


This was one of my very first cosplays; certainly the first one I've sewn elements of from scratch instead of altering things picked up in charity shops. I bought the jacket second hand and removed the zip, pockets and shoulder pads. I made the tunic from scratch, as well as the scarf - I created the pattern for the shirt/tunic myself, given that it's a simple medieval tunic shape. Ideally I should have made it a little longer. I bought a pretty cheap material for the shirt because I didn't think my first attempt would work as well as it did and I'd remake it several times. (It was also on sale, which is why it's a more navy colour than I wanted.)

This is such a comfortable costume to wear! When I wore it at Scotland Comic Con in 2015 (my first ever con!) people were so positive about it, I kind of regretted not wearing it on both days! A group of little kids saw me and started excitedly going "It's Merlin! MERLIN!" and I am so regretful I didn't hear them until my friend pointed it out. Such a positive first con experience!

WhatsersCosplay posted on 25 April, 2016 - 11:30
Aah your Merlin is so adorable!

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