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So I was determined to cosplay as Evie Frye for comic con, one of my favourite characters in gaming ever. Especially appropriate a choice when Paul Amos and Victoria Atkin turn up as well! But I decided to go for something a little different and make her outfit from the Victorian Legends DLC pack, inspired by Dracula.

It's a super detailed costume that I am still working on bits of, but worth all the sleepless nights!

The coat was the big piece to make. I started off with one of my favourite simplicity patterns (2207- Steampunk jacket and skirt set) which I made the bare bones of in soft faux leather, then cut into to get the lower cut neckline and open back. The tails and collar were then made separately from a pattern I designed myself, and the collar is fully wired to get it to stand. I used heavy upholstery floral brocade to make the hip and shoulder panels. The sleeves and back are stretch lace (which for the record is a total pain to sew) so I got a cheap lace top and cut out the back and sleeves to attach them. The hood and cape are taffeta and another pattern I made myself. The hood fastens inside the collar with pop buttons for ease of wear and is painted with the floral patterns. The shoulder piece for the cape is also fully hand embroidered. There have got to be over fifteen metres of trim on the whole coat, and everything is hand finished (it helps hide the stitching on the lace and velvet ribbon to look generally nicer). Quite a bit of machine detailing went on this which is new for me, the quilting effect on the tails, the stripes on the bodice bit and I got to put my fancy floral stitches to good use in the front panels. There is a lot of braiding, buttons and general details all over (again all had to be hand done), but as I couldn't find the clips I wanted for the collar, back and front panel, the little arrow shaped clips are all hand sculpted from polymer clay. I had a bit of fun with that as, due to them being so small on the reference, I had a little creative licence. They have tiny Assassin insignia on each one.

The collar is a simple ribbon necklace embellished with a hand painted cross charm and the white pieces just tuck into the neckline. I also decided to attach the white tails to the belt as, though it looks like some kind of shirt, the lace panel would have shown anything being worn underneath the coat. The belt fastens at the back so that I could get filigree at the front to match the buckles in the ref. For the belt and holster, I just cut up some charity shop belts and added a couple of pretty corner details. Making trousers was an unnecessary complicated task so I decided to cut my losses and buy cheap jeans, which actually looked really nice with the full costume.

The boots were a charity shop buy (they were going to be thigh boots like Evie's but the ones I ordered didn't arrive in time) embellished with some leather straps and filigree, the toe details were painted on.

The bracelet was a fun make (which I now intend on wearing with EVERYTHING). The base is a 50p silver bangle from a charity shop, with black feathers glued to the inside. Then, as I couldn't find any floral stampings that looked like the ones in the reference, I sculpted all of the floral details myself to get the right shape, finished with some dry brushing to give it the antique silver effect. These were attached to a scrap of leather to make them easier to attach and give it a base. The cabachon also has a teeny Assassin insignia (I love finding ways to hide such little details in a costume).I did buy my hidden blade, but have made improvements so that the grappling hook is functional (a process of wire and Lego pieces)

As far as props go, I made an attempt at the blade cane, but it needs some serious work before it can be considered finished. It functioned enough for the masquerade though which was enough.

As much headache as it caused me this is possibly my favourite costume I've done next to Lulu mk 2. It's unusually comfortable and I take a bit of pride in the details,I must admit ;) It was a nice challenge to hone my skills and work with some unfamiliar and slightly more difficult materials and I had great fun making and wearing it. The highlight of the day was sitting in the Assassin's Creed panel and Victoria Atkin and Paul Amos genuinely picked me out of the crowd and complimented my costume, and later had photos taken with me which was awesome! It was a fun and unusual take on Evie to try and replicate and I will defiantly be be putting in a little more work to get it ready for a photoshoot. Hopefully I can get in touch with a Jacob cosplayer for the occasion. ;)

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21st March 2016

More photos to be added and improvements to be made

I'll add the rest of the photos when I have them from my boyfriend. Still totally in my element after yesterday (the fangirling hasn't quite stopped). I do have a couple of things to finish here, new blade cane for a start, a kukri knife, and I'm toying with the idea of a from scratch Assassin gauntlet for my next Evie costume. I want to add some velvet ribbon stripes to the jeans, finish off the hood details which I didn't really have time to do at 5AM yesterday morning, tidy up the details on the boots. I've noticed that the slanted hem on the cape is pointing the wrong way (just my luck) so I'm tempted to fix that. Definitely feel like an Assassin photoshoot is on the horizon!

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