Team Magma Grunt - Pokemon

Worn AtLondon MCM Expo Oct 2009




I made this back in May 2008 but never wore it until October Expo 2009.

USED: London MCM Expo - October 2009

PLANNED: Photos with a Team Rocket and/or Pikachu


AmethystEyes posted on 2 June, 2009 - 20:33
I love all the homemade pokeballs you've done for this!

Luminescence posted on 1 November, 2009 - 15:31
You looked awesome in this :D It was great to meet you! (And you sang! Yaaaaaay! 8D)

Petchy-mon posted on 12 November, 2009 - 18:49
The home made Poke balls are made of win =D

Clover-tan posted on 9 June, 2010 - 17:48
Pokeballs = WIN. XD Awesome cosplay too~! ^__^

Progress Journal

pokeballs (Posted 21st January 2010)

making of my pokeballs

made 2008

23 October 2009 (Posted 3rd November 2009)

the day before expo, I had a sudden thought of not being able to carry my Pokeballs, so i grabbed some red netting and red tie from my material box. I did some very quick stitching and a slip note in the tie to go around my belt.

Almost Finished (Posted 1st November 2009)

T-shirt was one I'd made for general use.
Pokeball made from scratch.

Trousers were an old pair with the bottoms cut off.
The gloves were also an old pair with the fingers cut.
The belt was bought.

Making the Hood (Posted 1st November 2009)

I draw myself a template for the body, hood and M.
Cut them out.
Cut the fleece using the template.
Sewed the shoulders together.
Sewed the hood together (yes I did the hood in two parts - left and right)
Sewed hood to body
Glued the M on with fabric glue.

Cut out and glued on the oval shape on hood.
Cut two circles, with a quarter missing.
Bent and stitched them to make a horn/pryramid shape, stuffed them, stitched the bottoms to close them, then glued and stitched them to the hood.

Completed Warmers (Posted 1st November 2009)

In the end i didn't use the elastic they were tight enough to stay up by themselves.

Leg warmers have two black stripes, Arm warmers have one.

Making the Warmers (Posted 1st November 2009)

I measured forearms and bottom legs deciding how big I wanted the warmers.

Then messaured and cut four rectangles of red fleece. Cut and stitched black stripes to the four rectangles. Folded the fleece and stitched into a tube, then pulled them the right way. I also stitched the edges over to tidy them up.

October 2009. (Posted 6th October 2009)

So, a while since I made this, and now it's almost time to wear.

I need to:

- make trosaurs (the ones i have are now grey and not black)
- make sure all painting on pokeballs is done
- make Aqua ball
- finalise battle mark
- wig?

I was hoping this would be comfy and not so annoying to wear. I also hope the wrist and leg warmers will stay up.. When I first made them they fitted fine, but now I think they may need elastic - agh work! I'll have to wear them for a day and see.