Scarecrow (Female version (some costume design alteration)) - Arkham Knight


I basically just wanted to do Scarecrow's costume from the latest Arkham game, without having to bind (because the last time I did things went veeeeery badly wrong). Hence the female version, ahahaha. I didn't have the time to do a proper prosthetic mask vis-a-vis his mangled face, so I just ran with the idea that Femme!Scarecrow cut her losses and tried to nope out faster than Male!Scarecrow did.

I had to shift some stuff around to make it work with my body type, and because of time running out (I made this costume during my final year at uni) I had to cut a lot of things too, such as tubing and extra detailing. Some of the parts I wasn't really happy with but had to go with, and because I took this down to Brighton before coming to London it got a little travel-battered (the amount of glue, tape and magic holding this thing together...)

ArcaneArchery posted on 15 March, 2016 - 19:11
Awesome cosplay. I've not seem many people cosplaying the latest version of Scarecrow.

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