Usagi Tsukino (School uniform) - Sailor Moon Crystal


I did not intend to cosplay as the school uni version of Usagi because definitely prefer the more interesting senshi costumes.

My friend JayDrive went to Japan for a holiday and saw the Acos costumes and asked if I wanted one and I thought why not? My first choice would have been the senshi costume, but the price does not agree with me. The school uniforms are half the price of the senshi uniform, so went ahead with it. Since I already have a wig for Usagi at the time, I got my first choice in size XL. JayDrive also brought the same uniform for MizunoTohru, so we formed a group at Minamicon 2016.

Costume link : https://www.acos.me/products/detail.php?product_model_id=11636

Siouxsie James posted on 13 March, 2016 - 23:19
I love this so much :) and you have great photos!! I loved our meet. More Usagi please :)

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