Street Fighter IV

Cosplayer: Viv_bot

Variant: M. Bison outfit

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

Amecon 2016

26th May 2016: I'm getting the hang of this. I made some really good progress last weekend with the latex bit, only having to stop because of a self-imposed hurdle which needs extra bits bought before I can continue.

That first attempt (in the pics) of an arm thing was ok, but as per the blurb the photo hid the bits that didn't work, the glue was all over the place, it wasn't really tight enough and the ends didn't line up! So, I had another go and in a furious 90 minutes I'd made two matching and (even though I say so myself) pretty decent arm thingies!

The attached picture is my first attempt and then the left one, so you can see how far I've come just after one go! After making the second one I made a pattern and cut out the bits needed for the footless stockings. After studying the picture though I decided that the 200mm trimming I'd bought wasn't quite wide enough for the stockings so I'll have to order some more, maybe around 300-350mm.

The reason I didn't just cut the trimming myself is because on the advice of my Latex Ladies it is much easier and actually very cheap to buy them from a supplier that uses a laser to cut them. One can do them by hand but there's always that risk of them being ever so slightly wobbly, a risk negated when using a lazzzeerrrrr. So! That's the next step :)

It's a bank holiday weekend this week so bar a couple of social events I will be spending a lot of time on her body suit; figuring out the collar, cutting the larger holes from the arm, back and *ahem* butt, and tracing the pattern pieces. I won't start cutting the latex just yet though, I'm hoping to use a friend's very large table for that (over my tiny Ikea coffee table!) and she's at bloody Expo this weekend how dare she.

I'll also hopefully be getting my liquid latex to attempt the hat! I've already bought a peaked military style hat and taken off all the gubbins so it's just plain green. I'll prep it with Copydex and then attempt a little square to see how it works. Fingers crossed! If it does I can do that and then maybe even start on a teeny tiny little Shadaloo symbol for the middle!

Finally, once the latex bits are all done, I can start chopping up gym mats for her armour. I've never used Worbla before. Should be fun :)

Lots to do and only 9 weeks to go!

V x

8th May 2016: How to Latex Yesterday I had my latex 101 session with a friend of mine who is very experienced, and also went to fashion school so knows how to read patterns and alter things as well. Together - because my order didn't arrive in time - we made a dummy body suit with a length of black latex I got with my beginners kit. I followed the pattern this time, so instead of amending a pattern I make I'll be trying it on and making adjustments from there. We were gonna do it the same afternoon but we started on the fizz a bit early so couldn't carry on....*cough*

Anyway! I learnt a lot about the technique so I'll be applying that to when my coloured specific bits arrived, and then once I've retraced the body suit that'll be me like 70% done! I know how to prep the hat now for painting with liquid latex, then it's just working out armour.

V x

4th April 2016: Progress! So far I have:

- Cut out the pattern pieces and transferred them onto cardboard so I can transfer them again onto some newspaper to mess around before trying out a dummy on some latex I have already :)

- Ordered the short wig and wefts to make her plaits. Figured I'd sew them onto the bottom of the wig so they're long enough (her plaits are very long!). Hopefully it'll be anchored enough by her hat! Which reminds me...

- I also ordered some chunky riding boots and a plain visor hat from an army surplus store which are winging their way to me now! Once they arrive I can start properly on her leg shields as I realised it was dumb to measure anything on my bare leg when it won't be bare.

- I have organised a Latex 101 with a friend of mine who will show me how to properly make custom pieces. I plan to make her arm bits and footless stockings while I'm there.

So! Lots of buying and not much making yet, but it'll all start when everything arrives!

10th March 2016: It begins... I haven't done cosplay is probably about 5 years, and I choose this one as my first!

My plan is to make most of it out of latex to get that skin tight look. The body suit, sleeves, stockings and hat will be latex, the cuffs, leg shields and shoulder guards will be foam/worpla. I've had thoughts about her hair too, I was thinking of sewing some wefts to a short hair wig to make sure her braids are long and thick enough.

These are just early thoughts though! All I've got so far is a leotard pattern, some swatch samples from Radical Rubber and a wig wheel from Coscraft. I just need to get something to make a leotard dummy (latex is kinda expensive!) and I can get started :)

V x

squishynoms avatar

squishynoms - 12th March 2016
Better get started!! Only 20 weeks left...

Mr. Sat-Ash avatar

Mr. Sat-Ash - 26th May 2016
Intriguing. A friend of mine will be very interested in seeing this, considering Cammy is his main in Street Fighter and he often used this costume on her.

Just a shame that I retired Dan last year and no longer have the costume. (As well as the fact that I'm only doing one character over the three days this year...)

Viv_bot avatar

Viv_bot - 26th May 2016
I'm not sure when exactly I'll be wearing it, just short spots during the weekend I think as latex is *very* warm so I won't be able to hang out all afternoon I'm afraid! Tell your friend to keep an eye out though :)

There's still 9 weeks left, maybe you can throw something together and call it Dan's alt costume ;P

Mr. Sat-Ash avatar

Mr. Sat-Ash - 28th May 2016
Well, I'm sure if we miss you, we'll find pictures of you floating around, at least.

Sadly, these costumes I'm already doing are taking up most of my time and money, so while I'd love to try and whip up a quick Dan costume, it looks like I'll be missing the opportunity. Oh, well... My Mr. Satan costumes should hopefully end up worth the bother.