Carol Peletier
The Walking Dead (TV series)

Cosplayer: Leonie Heartilly

Variant: Blue cardigan

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

1st April 2016: Completed outfit Needs a few tweaks but Cookie Carol is ready for KitaCon!

31st March 2016: Shirt modifications I cut off the collar and sleeve cuffs from a white shirt and sewed them directly onto the base shirt. The tops of the cuffs I left a bit scruffy because the cardigan sleeves hide them. I also unpicked the Ralph Lauren logo from the chest.
This was done in the hotel the day before Kita.

30th March 2016: Test Seeing how it all looks together. Shirt still needs modifying.

30th March 2016: Trousers Trying to find the correct colour for her trousers was such a pain as it's a light shade of brown that looks kinda grey at times. I got these last minute from ebay and were thankful they look ok. I just had to raise the hems a bit with wonder web.

29th March 2016: Cookie box! Carol's tupperware for delivering cookies as seen in season 6, episode 12 "Not Tomorrow Yet". I work next to an Asda and I spotted this in there, I love just stumbling across things for cosplay!

27th March 2016: Cardigan result So it didn't dye to a lighter shade after all =( Kinda gutted and wish I chose the China Blue now. It's not a bad colour, just not quite what I wanted so I may try and amend it for another time.

26th March 2016: Dying cardigan I was torn between Dylon's China Blue and Ocean Blue as the colour I wanted seemed to be inbetween the two. The packet said that it dyed wool to a ligher shade so I went with the darker ocean blue. I've used dyes before and know the end result is always ok but still felt a bit panicky when it looked very purple!

26th March 2016: Temporary belt Too light but I left it too late to look for one so got this last minute from Primark.

18th March 2016: Base shirt Finding a suitable yellow striped shirt was a bit of a challenge but finally found this and it should work well after a few modifications.

18th March 2016: Boots Carol's Alexandria boots are the ECCO Women's Abelone cross buckle boots in mahogany. They are quite expensive and as I would only need them for this outfit I decided it wasn't worth the cost and found something similar. You can't see the strap and buckle detailing underneath her trousers anyway (they're more obvious in her Wolf disguise).

5th March 2016: Cardigan I saw this and thought it was the perfect style, with ribbing in all the right places etc. It's just a little too light and greeny-blue for my liking so going to try and dye it a better shade.

4th March 2016: Reference photos Reference photos.
Season 5, episode 12 & season 6, episode 12