Power Rangers S.P.D

Cosplayer: FlyingMammal

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

11th March 2013: Silverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr started, pinning, stitching - I have the patients xD

EDIT - a few weeks later; I finished sewing on the silver elastic. I then put the silver fabric on the inside of the black and rubbed over with chalk to get the outlines of where I could sew. Then sewed as close as possible to the outer silver. I did it this way so it was still the correct fit. The purple replaces the black - if that makes sense. I then cut the black fabric out carfully aroun the outer silver. So it over lapped a little - it then sticks up a bit rough looking (which i was going for). Repeated this on all 3 pieces.
I think got some scrap bits of the black I just cut off, and teediusly sewed them in the gaps in the silver pattern.

TOTALLY worth every moment.

TO DO:lots of small tweeks to do, re-make Cindy, earrings, new stecil for face marking (lost other one)

10th March 2013: cord... I got excited walking up to fabricland shop, I saw a load of cord in the window and actually dances. anyways, the one I saw is a bit thinner than what I have. But it's cool. I might use the thicker on the front and the thinner on the arms, hopfully the thin shows up as well as the thicker. Will do a bunch of stuff in the week, extra time on my hands this week YAY

20th February 2013: WHATTTTTTTTTT cord just arrvied, NOW IS IT 1MM thick???? it's not even 0.5mm!!!!!!!!!!! Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. totally not what i was expecting.

19th February 2013: silver I found some metallic cord in my mums craft boxes, which I really like. There was only a little bit left and I've no idea when she bought it. It was probably years ago. I looked in craft shops near by but I think it's more of a christmas thing. So I have ordered 10m of the stuff from ebay and hope it's the same. I know I say it a million times but I hate buying online for costumes. Unless it's something standard that can't look differnent in photos.

Just need to rethink what to use for the black messy bits. Could be wool or some kind of net.. I think I will use some scrap black fabric and cut it up.

Then I need to make Cindy smaller and make her clothes smaller or again

12th February 2013: progresssssssss - blimey the main body is ready - think I said that before.
oh and I think I also said I FINIANLLY found the perfect purple fabric.

Last night I cut a rough shape of the purple fabric and draw on the design the best I could. I will be sewing or glueing on silver string stuff - Once I get some....

Also my wig arrived last week

14th December 2012: wig incase If we do do this at midlands in feb then my hair isn't going to grow in time so I've just ordered a wig with my left over birthday money.
Can use it for other costumes too so it's all good.

11th August 2012: Holy moley... 5-6 years after i began my search, yesterday I (well my friend pulled it out from under abunch of other fabrics) FOUND PURPLEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! We are ago.

Actually I finally draw a pattern, cut the black fabric and sewed it together earlier in the week.

7th April 2012: Ive just thought.. could the purple actually be lycra?

7th April 2012: ohhh Ohh I have been going through my fabric boxes and I then found my bag that my DreamFinder fabrics were in. At the bottom was a load of fabrics for Dr Facillier and what I think is left over from Arte and Michael Jackson jacket. Yes it was a HUGE bag.
I'm just hoping the fabric from MJ and Arte weren't going to be used for anything else.

Arte dress was made of a Jersey fabric I'm not sure eactly what it is but it's t-shirty. It's not the jersey I wanted but it's big enough to do the job and it saves me money. I can then get a t-shirt for the purple.

I did go into primark last week and I saw some vest tops in various purples, I was going to get one but I couldn't decide on the colour. Now though I might just do that. The same day I went into two fabric shops and neither had the thick nice quality jersey I like. But this way it works out cheaper. I saw some leather stuff all in little peices and curled up, I thought it might have worked for the black pattern but I think I want to use some wool like stuff.

4th April 2012: shoulder pad thing Did this back in April. Most of it's sewn but some is pinned. Spent days trying to get it to sit right. :/ no collar bit on it yet. need to get it to sit right.

1st April 2012: refs.. sat and went through my hundreds of ref images. putting this here for easy access while i'm at the fabric shop tomorrow.

5th March 2012: Finally.. I will finally begin Morgana's outfit. I wish I'd have journal'ed my journey while planning the last 5 years, but basically I couldn't get the fabric I wanted. Then every time I wasn't ill I planned some more, I then wanted to do her Battle Ready suit but I gave up on that idea as the zentai would be too hard. THENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN last year I had a brain wave of the fabric and supplys I could use for her stanard outfit....
Sooooooooooooooooooo. Yes, I'm here and I plan to get the fabrics an bits I need asap. Just wondering if there's a cheaper way to get the amount of BLACK COTTON JERSEY and PURPLE COTTON JERSEY, rather than on the roll.. I was thinking Large T-shirts, but the black would need to be a full body (trousers and top) suit really. Then again I can just have leggings an top.. ohhh. I need to have some crickley (woolen maybe) parts on it. Other than that I need silver/grey 3D tshirt paint? The thing that really bugged me for all these years was how to do the silvery pattern. I'm going to try it and see.

Ok, I thought I was ready but now I'm not so sure.

At least I have boots, and some pleather I can make the shoulder parts out of.

7th March 2007: WOW... Yes I dated this entry 7 March 2007. Which was exactly 5 years ago today. On this day, after a month of planning I began my Cindy Sunshine doll and added this cosplay to account.

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Luminescence - 25th August 2011
I would love to start Rita sooner rather than later, she's so awesome! And it gives me the excuse to scream at people all day lmao :B But yes I will definitely be Rita when you are Morgana, I hate those Power Rangers D:< Hehe <3

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Anonymous - 21st October 2011
Ruthie, if you ever finish this, i will honestly either get some ranger gear or will go ahead and be goldar or some bad guy :P possibly the pig thing from MMPR

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FlyingMammal - 22nd October 2011
Olly, I WILL be finishing Morgana asap. I'm going with her standard clothing again as I figured out a way to do the bits I was unsure of. I just need to get to a decent fabric shop. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee do someone :D A bad guy woud be awesomest!!!! Anyone really! My friend Zoe (who commented above you) is doing Rita asap too. I think it's going to be a while yet as we are both struggling with money and fabric.. But we will be doing them. Pleaseeee join us :D