Black Mage - final fantasy


Darkiekun posted on 31 March, 2016 - 10:07
Can't wait for this hope to see it at expo!

Darkiekun posted on 8 May, 2016 - 23:37
Looks awesome 8D can't wait for more updates keep up the good work

ArcaneArchery posted on 9 May, 2016 - 22:29
I'll be keeping an eye out for this - I'm thinking of doing a similar costume myself at some point (Vivi from FF IX) so it will be handy to see how someone else does it.

ShadowofShinra posted on 24 May, 2016 - 18:24
Everything's looking really great so far! Hopefully will get to see it at MCM ^^

10th May 2016

Hat finished!!!

It looked me about 3-4 hours but I finally finished making my hat! :D

9th May 2016


Worked on the hat today and got the cone done. Tomorrow I plan on going out and finding fabric to cover the hat in

8th May 2016

Mask finished

Finally got around to making the mask for this (with the help of my mum as pinning it to my face would be a pain if not :P) I'm so happy with it, its just so hot with it on, what ever :P May work on the hat tomorrow so that will be fun :D

10th April 2016

Staff W.I.P

Took me pretty much all day to do but I'm pretty much finished with my Black Mage staff. All I need to do now is smooth it out, add a little more to the poll and paint it. To make the curl al I used was some wire and a LOT of paper a glue.

17th March 2016


Gloves for this cosplay turned up today, only took about 3 days do that's good. They fit perfectly and look really nice.

25th February 2016


Woohoo time to start a new costume! Got the fabric to make the mask the other day and I'm going to start working on in and other stuff soon. :D

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